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  • 1. 1KURNOOL MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONSTATUS REPORToA City with a Glorious PastoA City with a Clean & Green PresentoA City With a Promising FutureP.V.V.S.MurthyCommissioner

2. MHO EOAAsst. EOA2COMMISSIONERAddl. Commissioner Dy. Commissioner Superintending EngineerM.E.-1 M.E.-2City PlannerUBSP ManagerT.Pr.O.Supdt.C.OsPensionAsst.Supdt.Est. ClerksTypistDispatch ClerkRecord AssistantS.S.Office SubordinatesR.O.-ISupdt.R.Is-3Bill CollectorsAttendersSr. EntomologistS.S.ACPTPS Supdt.TPBOsTracer &ChainmenClerksMalaria S.Is& MalariaMazdoorsA&B circlesS.IsAccountantSr / Jr. Assts.Tax Asst.,Supdt.,H.A.P.H. MaistriesP.H.Workers & ClassIV EmployeesP.H. ClerksMedical Officers,MNOs, FNOs,Compounders &Ayahs of MunicipalCorporationDispensaries (M.C.H.Centers, Ayurvedic,Allopatic, Unani &Homeo Dispensaries)Dy.E.E.-2 Dy.E.E.-2A.E.s(Ele-II & Civil-3Nos)A.E.s(Ele-I & W.S. &Civil-3Nos)Tech. Section APMDPProject,Rajeew AwasYojana & NewOfficeBuildingProposalWorkInspectors, TAPInspectors, NPHWorkers &Class IVEmployeesWorkInspectors, NPHWorkers &Class IVEmployeesElementary &Upper Primary SchoolSecondary SchoolH.MsS.A and S.G.TsH.MsS.As &Language PanditsNon-TeachingStaffR.O.-IIR.Is-2 3. 3ABOUT MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF KURNOOLINTRODUCTORY:Kurnool, also known as the gateway of Rayalaseema, once the capital oferstwhile Andhra State from 1953 to 1956 is situated at a latitude of 150.48 N andlongitude of 720 E on the banks of sacred river at an altitude of about 900 feet above sealevel. It is a city of great cultural heritage with its history dating back to the 11th Century.The historical monuments of national importance that are standing even today to thepost glory of the city. The city is encircled by temples, mosques, dargahs and holyshrines which present in a miniature the cultural diversity of the Nation. The city issituated at about 215 K.M from Secunderabad on the Secunderabad Dornachalamsection of South Central Railway. It is not only the seat of administration of the District,but also of the region with several regional Government offices and other publicinstitutions being located here. It is also an important education center having a wellestablished Medical College as well as other educational institutions.Climate:Kurnool City has a pleasant climate throughout the year except during themonth of April and May when the temperature reaches 450 C to 460 C. The maximum andminimum mean temperatures are 450 C to 160 C respectively. The average rainfall is about70 cm per annum 4. 4Growth of the Town:The status enjoyed by Kurnool as the Capital of Andhra Stateenabled the development of the town in a planned manner during 1953-56.The three Official colonies A, B, C Camps which provide residentialaccommodation to Government officials were constructed during theperiod. The town gradually extended to the left side of the old thicklypopulated area. A large number of Christian Missionary Institutions arelocated in Kurnool The location of Special Armed Police Head Quarters andestablishment of warehousing facilities by the State WarehousingCorporation enabled the expansion of the town. Kallur Gram Panchayatwhich is contiguous with Kurnool city was merged in the Kurnool MunicipalCorporation in 2002. Thus, the area of the city increased to 49.73 sq.km.Recently the Gram Panchayats of Munagalapadu, Mamidalapadu andStantanpuram have been merged into the Kurnool Corporation vide G.O. asper G.O.Ms.No.56,MAUD Dt:12.02.2014. Again, the area of the city increasedto 69.51 sq.kmPopulationThe first census of 1881 recorded a population of 20,329 while thelast census of 2011 recorded a population of 4,60,184. The population trendis as follows. 5. 5Population as per CensusYear Population1901 25,3761911 26,0401921 27,9081931 35,3141941 45,2501951 60,2221961 1,00,8151971 1,36,7101981 2,06,3621991 2,33,7172001 3,42,9732011 4,60,184 6. 6As per 2011 Census Slum Population Slum Population : 1,54,365 Number of Slums : 104 No of Self Help Groups : 6,398The density of population is 8636.49 per sq.km. The sexratio is 1012 females per 1000 males. 7. 7Trade and Commerce:The most important commodity manufactured and exportedis groundnut oil while the most important commodity imported ispulses. Kurnool city is a trading centre for agricultural productslike groundnut, cotton, corn, etc.Frantic efforts are in full swing to provide housing for the weakersections under Rajiv Awas Yojana and to improve civic amenitiesunder the Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project(APMDP) 8. 8I. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONa) Year of constitution : 1866b) Area in Sq.Kms : 69.51 Sq.Kms.a) Kurnool - 21.93 sq.kmb) Kallur - 27.80 sq.kmc) 3 Gram Panchayats - 19.78 sq.kmc) Distance to State Capital : 210 K.M (By road)d) Average Annual Rainfall : 70 cm per annume) Temperature : 450 C and 140 Cf) Upgrading into Corporation : 1994g) Merger of Kallur G.P. : February 2002h) Merger of 3 (three) G.P : February2014(Mamidalapadu, Munagalapadu & Stantanpuram)(as per G.O.Ms.No.56,MAUD Dt:12.02.2014) 9. 9II CORPORATIONComposition of Corporationa) S.Cs : 8 (3W+5G)b) S.Ts : 1c) Women : 8 (G)d) B.Cs : 17 (6W+11G)e) Others : 16f) Total No. of Wards : 50 (Kurnool: 39; Kallur: 11)B) Ex.Officio Corporators : M.P. (Lok Sabha), Kurnool.M.P. (Lok Sabha), NandyalM.L.A Kurnool, Panyam & KodumurM.L.C., Kurnool.C) Co-opted Members : 2 (Minorities) including women3 (Experienced in MunicipalAdministration including 1 Women)D) Wards Committees : 5 Nos (each ward committeeconsisting of 10 wards) 10. 10III POPULATION (AS PER 2011 CENSUS)MALE FEMALE TOTALa) Population 2,13,747 2,16,467 4,30,214(Kurnool & Kallur)b) Density of Population per Sq. Km : 8636.49 Nosc) No. of House Holds : 1,01,881d) No. of Slums : 104 (Notified: 55 Non-notified: 49)e) Slum Population :1,54,368f) Sex Ratio : 1:1g) Population growth rate :79.85%(During the last decade) 11. MERGER OF 3 GRAM PANCHAYATS INKURNOOL MUNICIPAL CORPORAITON11Population of Mamidalapadu, Munagalapadu & StantanpuramGramapanchanyat(New Merged villages)Population Male Female TotalStantapuram9829 9720 19549Munagalapadu1679 1597 3276Mamidalapadu3630 3515 7145TOTAL 15138 14832 29970 12. Sl.No. Civic amenity Stantanpuram Mamidalapadu Munagalapadu1 CC Roads Length in KM 5 4.51 3.6882 BT Road Length in KM 2 -3 WBM / Metal Length in KM 4.5 1.154 Motorable Katcha Length in KM 2.25 Non Motorable Length in KM6 Pucca Drain Length in KM 8.41 2.8387 Katcha Drain Length in KM8 Street LightingCentral / High Mast No 1SV Lamps No 10 20 6Tube Lights No 2100 213 137Bulbs No 44 - -9 Water SupplySource TB River &Borewell TB River TB RiverProtect water supply Yes Yes YesOHRs no 3 5 -Syntex no 77 -HSC Connections no 2137 488 167Public Taps no 47 34 40 13. FINANCIAL POSITION(a) Important Sources of Income (2014-2015)(i) Taxes House Tax (Assessments 76,332) :Rs.24,08,52,830 Water Tax (Assessments 40,273) :Rs. 4,68,74,400 Water Meter Connections (Assts.1338): Rs. 14,02,225 VLT (Assessments 560) :Rs. 1,50,13,593 Advertisement Tax :Rs. 80,22,12613 14. 14(ii) Non-TaxesTrade License fee : Rs. 88,68,425Birth & Death Certificate fee : Rs. 50,21,412Road Cutting Charges : Rs. 47,84,000Building Licence fee, DevelopmentCharges, Building Material & DebrisCharges, etc. (Town Planning) : Rs. 1,50,51,000Market fee : Rs. 2,54,000Slaughter Houses Fees : Rs. 6,27,000Cycle Stand Fees : Rs. 1,50,100Shop Room Rents(413 Shops /18 Complexes) : Rs. 1,92,12,300Goodwill Amount : Rs. 25,60,000Entertainment Tax : Rs. 42,00,000Surcharge on Stamp Duty : Rs. 5,45,72,000Other Receipts : Rs. 2,50,95,000(b) No. of Revenue Wards : 87 15. 15V.EXPENDITUREEstablishment Expenditure Rs. in LakhsSalaries (010 & General Funds) : Rs.5266.71VI.BUDGET (2014-2015)Opening Balance : Rs. 2772.19Receipts : Rs.13160.01-------------------Total : Rs.15932.20Expenditure : Rs.13138.36-------------------Closing Balance : Rs. 2793.84------------------- 16. 16VII. CIVIC AMENITIES PROVIDED(Length in K.Ms)1. RoadsC.C : 206.79B.T. : 42.77W.B.M. : 89.62Gravel : 112.18--------------------Total : 451.38--------------------2. DrainsPucca Drains : 261.41Kutcha Drains : 268.97R.R.Masonary Drain : 219.78--------------------Total : 749.17-------------------- 17. 17VIII. (A) WATER SUPPLYPopulation of Kurnool City : 4,57,633 Present Population(as per 2011 census)Requirement of Water Supply : 71.76 MLDPresent supply : 67.00 MLDNormal Prorata Supply : 155 LPCD including 15 % lossesPresent Prorata Supply : 135 LPCDSource of Water Supply : 1.Tungabhadra River2.K.C.CanalSS Tank Capacity : 155 MCFT or 4410 ML or 0.155 TMCMWL of SS Tank : 305.50 MPresent Level in SS Tank : 305.44 M 18. 18Present Storage Capacity of S.S.Tank : 154.308 MCFT or 4370.00 MLOver Head Service Reservoirs : Kurnool : 19 Nos. (18.05 ML) E.L.S.RKallur : 19 Nos. (8.53 ML) E.L.S.RTotal Capacity : 26.58 MLSustainability of water in S.S.Tank : 30 days.Number of Hand Bore wells : Kurnool : 1006 Nos - 30 Nos dryKullur : 385 Nos - 31 nos dryTotal : 1391 Nos 61 nos dryNo. of power Bore wells : 60 NosDrawl from power bores : 2 MLDNo. of Public Stand Posts : 1810 Nos.No. of Infiltration wells (Hundri &Tungabhadra): 5 NosNormal drawl from Infiltration wells : 3.00 MLDPresent drawl from Infiltration wells : 1.50 MLDDistribution net work : 285 KMNo. House Service Connections : 40273Water supply to un served areas throughtankers: 8 Nos(Dept) + 6 Nos(Donated) = 0.624 MLDHired Water Tankers 3 nos = 0.096 MLDWater supply position : 2 to 3 Hours Daily for 85% area Alternate days to 15% area Details of areasNandyal road west of bypass road. 19. 19IX. STREET LIGHTING1. S.V.Lamps : 25622. Florescent Lamps : 146723.Highmask Lights : 303----------------17537----------------1. High Mass Poles : 1052. Central Lighting poles : 250----------------355----------------Street Lighting Charges per month : Rs. 33.00 to 35.00 lakhsHT Charges per month : Rs. 45.00 to 55.00 lakhs 20. 20S.No.Location No.of StreetLightsRoad Divider(in Mtrs)1. Kotla Circle to Tungabhadra Pumphouse via SBI junction, KMC.86 2580 mtrs2. SBI Junction to Rly station, Raj Theatreand Mourya Inn via 5 road junction44 1320 mtrs3. Bellary chowrastha to Ulchala crossroad21 630 mtrs4. Visweswaraiah Circle to C.Camp andGooty Road28 840 mtrs5. Sundaraiah circle to Venkata ramanacolony highway via HWW76 2280 mtrs6. Central School to More Super market viaNandyal Checkpost31 930 mtrs 21. The Kurnool Municipal Corporation modernized 33 Numbers ofCommunity Public toilets out of 52 existing old type community PublicToilets. The Kurnool Municipal Corporation constructed 9 Pay & Use Biotoilets in various public floating places and the same have beenhanded over to the existing Safai Karmachari families for maintenanceunder self employment. It is proposed to construct New office building with G+4 floors, thedetailed project report, Plans and type designs were approved by theDTCP, Hyderabad and submitted to the Government for sanction ofRs.9.00 Crores and awaiting for administrative sanction. Kurnool Municipal Corporation has introduced and implementedwater meter connections spot billing system and 3 nos of spot billingmachines were already purchased and the entire data was alsouploaded in the desktop software.21 22. 22ENERGY SAVINGSIn Kurnool Municipal Corporation the following measures are taken to save energy.S.Measures taken UnitsNo.saved permonthAmountsaved1.40 Watts Tube lights are converted into 36 Watts 18971 94855.002.150 Watts SV Lamps are converted into 70 Watts 6600 33000.003.250 Watts SV Lamps are converted into 150 Watts 75801 379005.004.400 Watts MH Lamps are converted into 250 Watts 5940 29700.005. 250 watts S.V Lamps newly installed centrallighting system and implementing timers alternatecentral lighting glowing arrangements provided i.eafter 11.00 PM to 5.30 AM11145 55725.00TOTAL 118457 592285.00 23. LED LIGHTING SYSTEMThe LED Lighting System was implemented by this Corporation and was Certifiedthat First Municipal Corporation implemented the LED Lighting System wasannounced by Sri B.Janardhan Reddy, I.A.S., Commissioner & Director of MunicipalAdministration, A.P., Hyderabad. 24. IMPLEMENTATION OF LED LIGHTING SYSTEMOn pilot project to modify the entire lighting system into theLED lights in Municipal Office Building has been selectedand replaced with the LED Lights (with estimate cost ofRs.9.70 Lakhs) to 269 numbers of 36 watts into 18 wattsreduced, ceiling lights 37 numbers of 70 watts reduces into30 watts and down lights 35 numbers into 12 watts. Theoutput of 6483 watts have been saved and the followingunits and amount is being saved per month.24Units : 1555.92Amount : Rs.10871.44 25. 25X. PARKS AND PLAY GROUNDS1. No. of Parks : 352. Play Grounds : 43. Islands : 264. No. of Reading Rooms : 55. No. of Libraries : 1 26. 26XI.EDUCATION1. No. of Schoolsa) High Schools : 9b) U.P.Schools : 5c) Elementary Schools : 51--------------65-------------- 27. 271. PUBLIC HEALTHI. 1.Dispensariesa) Homoeo : 1b) Ayurvedic : 1c) Unani : 1d) Allopathic : 1e) Maternity Centres : 1f) Urban Health Centres : 8g) PHC : 1h) ICDS (Anganwadi Centers) : 125 28. 282. Othersa) No. of Burial Grounds : 14b) No. of Compost Yards : 2 (Gargeyapuram &Noothanapalli)c) No. of Markets : 8d) No. of Slaughter Houses : 2e) No. of Public Latrines : 85 (Each 16 seats) 29. 293. Low Cost Sanitationi) Total No. of House Holds (Census2011) :1,01,881ii) No. of Households having Flush Latrines : 78,199iii) No. of Households without Latrines : 23,682iv) No. of Houses provided with : 6,466I.L.C.S. Latrines so farv) No. of Houses yet to be provided : 17,216with I.L.C.S. LatrinesNote: The above information is excluding the 3 newlymerged Gram Panchayats in KurnoolMunicipal Corporation . 30. 30II. Solid Waste Managementa) No. of Sanitary Divisions : 13b) No. of Sanitary Inspectors : 10c) No. of Sanitary Supervisors : 1d) No. of Public Health Workers : 470e) No. of Divisions Privatized : 8 Divisions (Partly privatized)f) No. of Vehicles used for lifting ofGarbage : Tractors - 12 (own)Tippers - 6 (own)Dumper placers - 5(own)Dozer - 1 (own)JCB - 1 (own)Gulfar - 1 (own)Autos - 6 (own)Private tractors - 12 31. 31i) Garbage Lifted : 202 M.Tonesj) No. of Dumping Yards with name of : 1. Gargeyapuram (38Acres)location 2. Noothanpalli (18 Acres)Salaries of Public Health Staff : Rs.1507.00 Lakhs perAnnumSalaries of Contract /Dwacua workers : Rs. 479.55 Lakhs perAnnumPublic Health Maintenance : Rs. 174.50 Lakhs perAnnum(Diesel + Conservancy Articles + Liveries)Public Toilets : Rs. 38.40 Lakhs perAnnumGarbage lifting through private tractors : Rs. 144.00 Lakhs perAnnum 32. Statement showing the information on storm water drain particularsSl. NoName of theULB Storm Water Drain Particular'sDivision AreaTotalLengthDrainCleaned1KurnoolMunicipalCorporation,KURNOOL.I(Opp) Konda Reddy Fort to Thugabadra River 500 500Vasavi Mahila College to Kallu Street 500 5002 II - AAlisher Baig 280 200Subramanayam Huts 300 300Rama Rao Street 200 200Mangali Geri & Nagala Katta 200 2003 II - BChinna Market Main Road 300 100Bakercutta Main Road 380 380Khaja Khan Street 200 200Madarasa School Main Road 200 100Maremma Temple 380 2004 IIIOne Town Police to Kallur Darvaja 600 600One Town to Bakarcutta 300 3005 IVExhibition Road 150 150Vadde Geri 100 NilRadha Krishna Takies Back Side 100 Nil6 V(Near) Burial Groud to Chruch 500 NilMedical Collage to Anjaneya Swami Temple 700 NilAyyappa Swami Temple to Heart & Brain Hospital 500 Nil7 VIS.T.B.C. Collage Main Road 500 NilRajiva Circle To Kids World 500 200 33. Statement showing the information on storm water drain particularsSl.NoName of theULB Storm Water Drain Particular'sDivision Area TotalLenthDrainCleaned8KurnoolMunicipalCorporation,KURNOOL.VIIAshok Nagar 500 NilBhagath Singh Nagar 2000 1000Labour Colony 500 Nil9 VIII Prakash Nagar 200 Nil10 IXSri Nagar Colony 120 120Soma Setty Nagar 140 140Nagi Reddy Revenue Colony 110 110Amma Hospital line 80 8011 XRajiv Nagar to Vittal Nagar 500 NilSujja Mill 150 10012 XIGeetha Nagar to Nrimal Nagar 400 NilBallery Road to Hanuman Way Bridge 300 NilKhota Area to N.T.R Nagar 350 NilN.T.R. Nagar to Ellkuru Estate 200 Nil13 XII Laxmi Nagar & Maddur Nagar 500 200Total 13440 5880 34. 34III. URBAN MALARIA:a) No. of Malaria Circles : 2b) No. of Malaria Sanitary Inspectors : 2c) No. of Health Assistant s : 13d) No. of Malaria Mazdoors : 34e) No. of Contract Malaria Mazdoors : 25f) No. of Hand Fogging Machines :17g) Anti larval operation adopted :Chemical : Abate, Pyrethrum,Fogging done by the MalathionReleased oil balls, cess polls, Podsand stagnated water places.Biological : Gaumbusia fish released in thestagnated water and wells. 35. 35IV. BIRTH & DEATH (Vital Statistics):a) No. of Birth & Death Divisions : 7b) No. of Deputy Statistical Officer : 1c) No.of Asst. Statistical Officer : 1d) No. of Sub-Registers : 8All Birth & Death Records are computerized(UBD Module) &Issuing the Certificates through Mee Seva centres only. 36. 36DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIESCommunity Resource Centres:S.No.Name of the Work SchemeEst.Amount(Rs.inLakhs)Stage of Work1 Construction of Community Hall in the premisses of KVR Govt.Degree College for Women, Kurnool ACDP 39.00 Completed2 Construction of Community Hall at Gorakshanasala premissesnear Exhibition ground, Kurnool ACDP 39.00 Completed3 Construction of Community Hall at Kids World MEPMA 39.00 Completed4 Construction of Community Hall at Dharmapeta MEPMA 39.00 Completed5 Construction of Community Hall at Kothapeta MEPMA 39.00 Completed6 Construction of Community Hall at Illur Nagar MEPMA 39.00 Completed7 Construction of Mahila Swasakthi Bhavan at Beedi Workerscolony MEPMA 37.50 Completed8 Construction of Mahila Swasakthi Bhavan at RamalingeswaraNagar MEPMA 37.50 Completed9 Construction of Community Hall at Budhwarapeta MEPMA 39.00 Completed10 Construction of Community Hall at A.Camp ChanikyapuriColony BPS 39.00 Completed11 Construction of Community Hall at Chinmaya School atSankalbagh BPS 39.00 Completed 37. MIR&D :An amount of Rs. 86.28 Lakhs have been released under Plan Grants 7 worksare taken up with a estimate cost of Rs. 99.35 Lakhs. All the works are nearingcompletion.Non Plan Grant :Seven works have been taken up with estimate cost of Rs.115.60Lakhs. Out of which 2 works are completed and 5 works are under progress andproposals are identified to taken up the works with Estimate cost of Rs. 150.39 Lakhs.SCSP Sub Plan : An amount of Rs. 469.35 Lakhs has been sanctioned and out of thatRs. 411.78 lakhs has been released. 46 works are grounded. All the works are variousstages.TSP Sub Plan : 3 works are taken up with estimate cost of Rs. 4.87 Lakhs underTSP. all works are under progress.ACDP 2013-14 : 1 work has been sanctioned under ACDP Programme with estimatecost of Rs.3.50 Lakhs and it is under progress.MPLADS (2012-13): Three works have been sanctioned with estimate cost of Rs.9.95Lakhs which are completed.37 38. IHSDP: An amount of Rs.1043.21 Lakhs has been released and utilizedfor Providing Infrastructure facilities and Basic Amenities in 27 Slums out ofestimated cost of Rs. 1976.42 Lakhs. The work is executed by the ExecutiveEngineer, Public Health Department, Kurnool. The Scheme is in progress.UIDSSMT: An amount of Rs. 3154.02 Lakhs has been released and utilizedunder UIDSSMT Scheme for providing Water Supply Improvement Scheme inKurnool Municipal Corporation out of estimated cost of Rs. 3666.00 Lakhs. Thework is executed by the Executive Engineer, Public Health Department, Kurnool.The scheme is nearing completion.38 39. 3913th Finance Commission2010-11 An amount of Rs. 250.19 has been sanctioned and releasedan amount of Rs. 247.13 Lakhs under 13th FinanceCommission for the yearNo. of Works taken up : 37No.of Works completed : 37Amount Released : Rs. 247.13 LakhsExpenditure : Rs. 240.28 Lakhs2011-12 An amount of Rs. 389.34 Lakhs has been sanctioned andreleased an amount of Rs. 156.64 lakhs under 13th FinanceCommission for the year 2011-12No. of Works taken up : 21No.of Works completed : 21Amount Released : Rs. 156.54 LakhsExpenditure : Rs. 254.77 Lakhs 40. 2012-13 An amount of Rs. 532.89 Lakhs has been allocated under 13thFinance Commission for the year 2012-13 and all the 34 worksare competed and 2 works are under progress.No. of Works taken up : 36Completed : 34No.of Works progress : 2Amount Released : NilExpenditure : Rs. 379.21 Lakhs2013-14 An amount of Rs. 566.32 Lakhs has been allocated under 13thFinance Commission for the year 2013-14.No. of Works taken up : 40Completed : 7No.of Works progress : 33Amount Released : Nil2014-15 Proposals have been submitted to Government for Rs. 1016.14 Lakhsunder 13th Finance Commission for the year 2014-15.No. of Works proposed : 33 41. 41SCHEMS SANCTIONED D.P.Rs UNDER PREPARATIONRajiv Awas Yojana: Proposals has been prepared and submitted to the Governmentforproviding housing infrastructure to 104 slums covering 175000population. Demand for housing is estimated as 24875 nos.1) An amount of Rs.89049.17 Lakhs proposals has been submittedfor 5 Years for development of Slum Free City and a proposal foran amount of Rs.8495.65 Lakhs is indicated under 1st Year planfor development of 21 slums towards Construction of Housing,Environmental Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure and linkedInfrastructure.2) Pilot project is sanctioned with estimate cost of Rs. 567.02 Lakhswith 90 duelling units (Katcha 63, Semi Pakka 27) in JoharapuramHarijanawada C, C1, C2 cluster slums.3) Finance pattern :Housing : 279.58 LakhsRoads & Drains : 213.48 LakhsO&M : 19.72 LakhsOthers : 54.24 LakhsTotal : 567.02 Lakhs 42. ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMES TAKEN UP FOR IMPROVEMENT OF42SERVICES AND BEAUTIFICATION OF CITYBurial Grounds :Planned to develop 11 Nos of Burial grounds duly providing modernized plot forms,bathrooms, water supply and greenery belt with pathways and better facilities andcompleted for 5 places and progress in 6 places.Dhobhighat :14 Numbers of Dhobhighats planned and completed at two places.Mini Community Halls :Proposed to develop mini community halls (Multi purpose halls) at 7 places and out ofwhich 4 places works were completed and in progress at 1 place.Modernization of the Community Toilets :Proposed 52 Toilets for modernization with a provision of facilities like Walls & flooring withtiles, water supply and lighting, better flushing arrangements. So far 33 Nos completed andkept for use community. Remaining works are under progress.Development of Parks/ Protection of Open spaces :Identified Municipal opens sites 28 Nos in Kurnool area and 250 Nos in Kallur area.Proposed for protection of open sites in Kurnool area with estimate cost ofRs. 316.00 Lakhs and estimate is prepared for protection in Kallur area with estimate cost ofRs. 700.00 Lakhs out of which 49 open layout open spaces were protected withcompound walls. 43. Multi Utility Centres:Proposed to develop Multi Utility centres at 16 places and out of which 6 placesworks were completed and remaining 8 places are progress and 4 Nos auditoriumsare in progress.Road Dividers :Development of road dividers in various junctions in 12 places and out of which 7places works were completed and in progress at 5 places.43 44. 44PENDING ISSUES 45. APMDP: After making the gap analysis of water demand/supply for the various horizonyears with base year 2011, prospective design year 2026 and ultimate design year2041 for Kurnool Town including floating population, fire fighting and industrialetc., a Detailed Project Report for Comprehensive Water Supply ImprovementScheme has been prepared for Rs.659.79 Crores for consideration under APMDPProject; The above Detailed Project Report was technically appraised for Rs.659.79Crores by the Engineer-in-Chief and furnished to the Project Director, MSU-APMDP,Hyderabad vide Lr.No.02/S3 /PMC /APMDP/Kurnool/ 2013, Dated: 03-09-452013; Since the funds under APMDP Project have been exhausted, now there is nopossibility to take up the above project under APMDP Scheme; In view of the above, considering the importance to take up the ComprehensiveWater Supply Improvement Scheme for Kurnool Municipal Corporation, it is forconsideration to take up the above technically appraised Detailed Project Reportfor Rs.659.76 Crores under the existing transitional phase of JNNURM orforthcoming JNNURM 2 or any other centrally sponsored scheme. 46. OFFICE BUILDING: The existing building is too old and could not able to take up the day to day46transactions of the various officers working in Kurnool Municipal Corporation. This office building was constructed for the purpose of Municipality in the year1974. Now the Municipality has been upgraded as Municipal Corporation in the Year 1994and than it is showing drastic expansion in all activities in wings of varioussections and could not be able to find space for accommodating the officers. In this connection the then Honble Municipal Minister laid foundation stone to theoffice building with an estimate cost of Rs. 9.00 Crores and so far the said amountis not sanctioned to the Kurnool Municipal Corporation. The proposals have been submitted to the Commissioner & Director of MunicipalAdministration, A.P., Hyderabad vide letter Roc.No.6347/2010-E2, dt: 10.01.2014 and22.01.2014 for accord administrative sanction and releasing of funds. In view of the financial crunch, the Government to kindly sanction an amount ofRs.9.00 Crores as grant for the above work and request to accord administrativesanction and release Rs.9.00 crores for construction of new Municipal Officebuilding at the earliest possible time. 47. 47MEPMA ACTIVITIES 48. 48SHG GROUPSSl.NoName of theULBNo. of SHGs formedas on 15.07.20141. Kurnool. 6377 106 21 6398Slum Level Federation (SLFs)Sl.NoName of theULBNo. of SLFsformedas on 15.07.2014Town Level Federation (TLFs)No. of SLFsRegisteredSHGs formed for the year2014-2015Target Achievement TotalSLFs formed for the year2014-2015SLFsTarget Achievement TotalSLFs1. Kurnool. 250 179 25 00 250Sl.NoName of theULBNo. of TLFsformedas on15.07.2014No. of TLFsRegisteredTLFs formed for the year(2014-2015)Target Achievement TotalTLFs1. Kurnool. 05 04 0 0 05 49. 49SHG Bank LinkageSl.NoName ofthe ULBPavala VaddiCumulativeBankLinkageVADDILENI RUNALUBank Linkage Target for the year2014-15) (Rs.In Lakhs)Bank Linkage Achievement for theYear 2014-2015 (Rs.In Lakhs)No. of Groups Rs.(In Lakhs) No. of SHGs AchivementRs. (In Lakhs)1. Kurnool 19630.48 1276 300.00 56 147.50Sl. NO. Name of the ULB No. of SHGs So far Pavalavaddi Released1. Kurnool 16086 10.30 CroreSl. NO. Name of the ULB No. of SHGs Released for the year 2014-151. Kurnool 3414 43.42 Lakhs 50. released duringthe year 2014-50Abhaya HasthamABHAYAHASTHAM(Co-ContributoryPension)No.of MembersEnrolled inAbayahasthamNo.ofAbayahasthamPensionsSanctionedAbayahasthamPensionsdisbursementKurnool 1578 241 247 182 218400JANASRI BHIMA YOJANA (JBY)Name ofthe ULBNo.ofJanasri Bhima Yojana Enrollment duringthe Year 2014-2015No.ofScholarshipsSanctionedduring theYear 2013-14Amount15 inAbayahasthamScholarshipScholarships for the year2013-14No. of MembersenrolledAmount(Rs. In Lakhs)No. of MembersenrolledAmount(Rs. In Lakhs)Kurnool 4250 5.27 967 11.60 51. 51TOWN PLANNINGDEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES 52. Master Plan : Kurnool master plan was prepared in the year 1976 as per G.O.M.S.158M.A.dated:26.03.1976 for the plan period of 20 years (1991) with an extent of 15.01Sqkm. Since then, the same master plan has been in force. So, there is a need for thepreparation of master plan for Kurnool city by integrating the developmentalactivities in and around the Kurnool municipal corporation area.Revision of Master Plan for Kurnool City including hamlet villages Dinnedevarapadu, B.Tandrapadu, Pasupula, Panchalingala, E.Tandrapadu,Gondiparla, Venkayapalli, Roja, Joharapuram, Peddapadu, Pandipadu,Lakshmipuram and Dupadu. The master plan revision entrusted to the PrivateAgency by name M/s Aarvee associates architects and engineerings andconsultants, Hyderabad in the year 2011 as per e procurement process vide tenderno.01/town planning section/KMC//10-11,dt.10.03.2011-18.03.2011 for the preparationof Master Plan to Kurnool and its 5Kms vicinity.New village extents of Stantanpuram, Mamidalapadu and Munagalapadu weremerged into Kurnool corporation limits on February 2014.52 53. Road Widening Proposals:Formation of 100-0 wide Master Plan road, which is connecting the N.H.7 and N.H.18 with a length of 3.0KMs through the City.Formation of 60.0 wide Master Plan road from Joharapuram to Nandikotkur Road a length of 1.90 KMs. Widening and desilting of Suddavanka by removing the existing encroachments. The General Body itsresolution No.3, Dt.21.11.2005 accepted to take up the following roads for widening.Widening of road from 30-0, 50-0 to 60-0 uniformly from Coles College junction to Chowk Bazaar viaNehru road to an extent of 635 Mts. Duly effecting 185 shops, as it is thickly developed commercial area.Proposed to take up widening of road to an extent of 553 Mts. from One Town Police Station to Chowk Bazarvia Poola Bazar duly effecting 215 Buildings/ Shops from 25-0, 45-0 to 60-0, this road is Main road to oldcity and developed as Commercial area.Proposed for widening road connecting Old City and new City i.e., Kids World park to Poola Bazar via LalMasjid which is existing 25-0, 40-0 to 60-0 uniformly to an extent of 950 Mts. Duly effecting 262Buildings/Shops, as heavy vehicles are passing through this road to Mundi Bazar, Poola Bazar etc., due toheavy traffic jam is occurring frequently.40 Road widening programme from Osmaina College Road to Kids World.80 Road widening programme from Bangarupeta Junction.50 Road widening programme from Railway Station to Ashok Nagar RUB.53 54. Proposed for widening of road from Old Bus stand to Kings Market via Bastian road to an extent of 400 Mts.From 25-0, 60-0 to 60-0 uniformly as heavy vehicles are passing through this road to King Market anddeveloped as Commercial area duly effecting 67 Buildings / Shops.Proposed for widening of road from Kallur Darwaja to Collectorate junction via Hundri new Bridge,Budhwarpeta which connecting Old city to Govt.offices, Govt.General Hospital from 25-0 in some places inBudhwarpeta to 60-0 to an extent of 860 Mts. Duly effecting 152 shops/Buildings.Proposed for widening of road from Gooty road Birla Centre to Krishna Nagar which connecting N.H.7 andN.H.18 to an extent of 665 Mts. from existing to 60-0 duly effecting 102 Buildings/ Shops as this road isdeveloped as thickly commercial area.The above proposed roads for widening may be taken up under section 146 of H.M.C. Act. On payingstructural compensation to the Buildings/Shops effected, from Town Planning Development chargescollected by this corporation, under section 15(1) and 15 (2) of A.P.T.P.Act 1920 this Corporation submittedproposals to the Government requesting to accord permission on the above proposals.54 55. 55Completed Road widening Programme :This Corporation taken up 9 Master Plan roads and Junction improvementout of which one road from Kallur Darwaja to 1 Town Police Station Master Plan roadtaken up for 40 to an extent of K.Ms duly effecting 106 properties. 87 propertiesdemolished and Rs.78.00 lakhs paid to 82 cases towards structural compensation.Road widening programme from SP Bunglow Junction to Dharmapeta Circle Junctionfrom 40.0 to 60.0 is completed.120 road from Rajvihar Junction to Gooty roadThis corporation has surveyed and identified that 58 buildings are affectedin Road widening and out of 58 persons all the persons have given consent for thedemolition of their buildings which are affected in Road widening from Rajvihar Centreto Gooty Road and the amount of Rs.4,08,53,749/- given towards compensation to themand out of this payment to 7 beneficiaries are pending due to incomplete submissionof documents and other legal issues and formation of 3 line B.T.Roads, C.C.Drains,Dividers and Foothpath 60% work completed 56. 120 road from Rajvihar Junction to Gooty road:Sl. No. ParticularsNo.of Ownerseffected RoadWideningAmount RemarksTotal Effected Building in Road widening 59 40853749.161 No.of Owners Paid Structural Compensation andDemolished the buildings 57 39914319.392 Court Case 2With the Consent of the buildingowners structure were demolished andamount Rs.899550/- is to be depositedin the Court and it is under process3 Balance Amount to be issued 2 939429.784 Effected structures of Mosque Shop Rooms 7Alternative site at Raythu Bazar,proposals were submitted to thePrincipal Secretary to Government,(R&B), Department, Hyderabad videCollector Lr.Roc.No.5047/2013/G2,Dt.21.12.2013. Awaiting for orders.Note: Formation of B.T.Road, C.C.Drains, Shifting of Electrical Poles, Dividers andFoothpath works are under progress and 60% of the work completed. 57. Before After 58. Before After 59. 59JUNCTION IMPROVEMENTSCompleted:Swamy Vivekananda Junction.Babu Jagajeevan Ram junction (Ex.CM).Kids World Park Junction.Collectorate / Govt. General Hospital Junction.Vishveshwaraiah Junction.Rajiv Gandhi Centre.Sri. Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Circle (Ex. CM).Dr.Y.S Rajashekar Reddy circle.Coles Colleges Junction.Mourya Inn Junction.Konda Reddy Buruju.Damodaram Sanjeevayyah Junction (Ex. CM).S.P Banglow road with divider and footpath, club road completed with divider.Progress:S.P.Bunglow Circle.Birla Gadda Junction (Jyothi rao pulle)Bangaru peta Junction.Seetharam Nagar JunctionRadio station / Uchala Road Juctions. 60. SLUMS:There are 104 slums within the city of which 55 are notified and 49 are non-notified.Out of 104 slums 28 slums are land owned by State Government, 69 slums hasprivate owned land, only one slum had land ownership is private occupied and 7slums having land ownership has mixed.Further, Kurnool Municipal Corporation has chosen JOHARAPURAMHARIJANAWADA SLUM which falls in ward No. 20 as the pilot project under RajivAwas Yojana.During the community participation, though various alternatives are proposed mostof the slum dwellers have shown great interest in Gap filling in the existing locationwith slight or no remodeling and preference give only for individual dwelling units.60 61. FOOT OVER BRIDGES:Under the City Development Programme and also for the free flow traffic 3 footover bridge are proposed in Kurnool Town. The Government General Hospitalfoot over bridge is completed and it is functioning, another foot over bridge atNew Bus stand Structure is completed and it is functioning and Old APSRTCBus Depot, Rajvihar Junction proposed and erection of structure will be doneshortly.61 62. LAYOUT OPEN SPACES:Sl.No. Particulars Status1 No.of Layout Open Spaces Identified 357 open space sites in 274 Layouts2 Total Extent of Area (in Acres) 201.70 Acres3Whether the fencing has been erected for allLayoutOpen Spaces or notOut of 357 Layout Open Space, 70Layout open space are completed byconstructing Compound walls, R.C.C.Pillars and Fetching.4 If not specify the reasonsBalance Open Spaces estimates areprepared and awaiting forAdministrative Sanction5Whether all the Layout Open Spaces areDigitalized or not101 open spaces are Digitalized and 256Open spaces are under progress6 If not, specify the reasons Digitization under process7 RemarksAn amount of Rs.1.00 Crore was spentfor the improvements and protection ofpark places. 63. BUILDING PENALIZATION SCHEME (B.P.S):The Town planning section has received 4498 BPS applications and collected an amountof Rs.1092.78 Lakhs towards Building Penalization Scheme and Balance 1034 BPSapplications are handed over to the Revenue Section for imposing of 25% Penalty onProperty tax as per G.O.Ms.No.901, MA&UD, Dept, dt.31.12.2007 as para no.20. (Thescheme is closed on 31st May, 2013).LAYOUT REGULARIZATION SCHEME (L.R.S):The Town Planning section has received 940 LRS applications and collected an amountof Rs.740.74 Lakhs towards Layout Regularization Scheme and balance 340 LRSapplicants are rejected due to non-payment of balance amount and submission ofrelevant documents. (The scheme is closed on 31st May 2013).63 64. 64Thank You


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