Respiratory care library instruction class

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  • 1. What is it? Database / Evidence- based, point-of-care database Topical Overviews Summaries Article references Updated daily Small Full-text articles Available at AMC How to use it? Type in topic Select what you would like to know General Info Diagnosis Treatment Its not cheating to use Dynamed! Its similar to using a textbook. Information is from journal articles and books.
  • 2. What is it? Medical database Journal articles Same info. as PubMed Provides full-text How to use it? Search using the MeSH Medical Subject Headings Apply limits PMID # - use interchangeably with PudMed Citing - Vancouver
  • 3. What is it? Medical database Journal articles Same information as MedLine with Full- text / different look Free full-text Links to HVCC journal articles How to use it? Type in the topic you are looking for Can do an advanced search Apply limits PMID # Use interchangeably with MedLine with Full-text / Vancouver citing and full-text
  • 4. What is it? Search engine Provides websites, articles, bo oks, everything Articles from a journal may not authenticate (recognize) HVCC paid subscription / no access to full- text Evaluate!!!! How to use it? Type in what you are looking for EVALUATE what you find!!!
  • 5. Completed the very basic search Add to your search Synonyms for your original search word Abbreviations Boolean AND, OR Select a field a field to search within the article Title, Abstract, All text, etc. Select more than one term in the MeSH A little more complicated
  • 6. Limits Search options link Narrow results by: Subheadings Publication Age Gender
  • 7. HTML full-text This is just the text, no graphs, pictures, etc. Its a little harder to read PDF full-text This is the best copy Looks exactly like the journal page Check here for full-text May or may not own it May link to a journal that we own OR May have to interlibrary the article
  • 8. What is it? Unique identifying number attached to all articles in PubMed and MedLine with Full- text Located at the bottom of the abstract How to use it? Use interchangeably with PubMed and Medline with Full- text Examples: Full-text Vancouver citing
  • 9. A library service Register Receive books and journal articles that we do not own Articles will come to your HVCC email account Books will arrive at the HVCC library and are picked up at the circulation desk Interlibrary Loan does take some time plan ahead if you would like to use it
  • 10. Respiratory Care subject guide Located at: Finding articles Finding books Website evaluation Todays library session Vancouver referencing
  • 11. Homepage screen shot of Subject guide PubMed iPads in library have these apps
  • 12. Both Powerpoints on subject guide Contact info: Librarian Cynthia Koman or 629-7360 Writing Specialist Carol Hammond or 629-7865 For hands on assistance come to the ICVT class at 12:00pm
  • 13. Library Catalog Searches books in the HVCC library Ebooks World Cat Online Catalog Searches college and university libraries throughout the US and internationally


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