The golden rules of content marketing for pharma

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THE GOLDEN RULESFOR CONTENT MARKETING IN PHARMARules are meant to be broken though, right?WRONG.Content marketing does have someGOLDEN RULESthat you should follow to create a successful campaign.01FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMERS NEEDS.01Its not about what you do.01Its about what it does for your customer.01BENEFITSVS.FEATURESDont create content that promotes how great you are.01No-one will care.01Focus on what your customer needs and how you can help them find the solutions they need.0102BE PREPARED.02Create a plan to provide material that fulfils specific targets. 02Perhaps you want to build your mailing list through brand awareness02or increase your followers on social media?02or research your customer needs?020303SKIPTHE SALES PITCH.Content marketing is all about being helpful.03Forget trying to sell your product or service thats what advertisings for. 03If you met with someone in person, you wouldnt launch right into buy my product, would you?03Spend your time trying to understand their needs and providing advice on how you can help them. 030404TAKE YOUR TIME.Marketing is a long-term investment, so dont expect results overnight.04Not even expensive advertising campaigns produce sales in a matter of days or weeks. 04Create a strategy to implement over a year and after six months, evaluate to see how well youre achieving your goals.04Dont give up just as youre starting to make headway.040505GO EASY ON THE SEO.One of the main points of content marketing is to get found in search.05That doesnt mean you should over optimise your material. 05In fact, that can result in penalisation by Google.05Use headings, tags and as well as a small number of well researched keywords. 05Make your content a quality resource rather than trying to game the search engines. 050606DON'T GIVE UP.It takes time. Dont get discouraged.06Publish regularly and stick to your quality standards.06Build trust in your brand and engage with your readers.06MEASURETRACKANDTWEAKREGULARLYto improve your content marketing performance.Inspiring audiences. Motivating change. Thinking beyond. Were a full service medical communications agency with a focus on changing behaviour.www.wearecouch.com