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SocialSparkMedia.comHow to create a GOOGLE REVIEW WITHOUT GMAILhttp://socialsparkmedia.comSocialSparkMedia.comWHY WOULD YOU WANT A GOOGLE ACCOUNT?A Google account is necessary if you want to do the following, but you dont want a Gmail account: write a Google review for a company use YouTube - upload, comment, save playlists, etc. save locations, maps and directions on Google Mapshttp://socialsparkmedia.comSocialSparkMedia.comHOW TO CREATE A GOOGLE ACCOUNTIn the following slides, Im going to walk you through the process of writing a Google review if you dont have a Gmail account. Youll do this by creating a Google account using your existing email address. This multi-step process is only necessary to create your account. Once you have created it, you will only have to login to Google in the future to use its features. Be sure to note the password you create with your new Google account. It should be different than you email password for the account youre using to create your Google account. Lets get started! Think of a company youd like to reviewhttp://socialsparkmedia.com1. SEARCH FOR THE COMPANY YOU WANT TO REVIEWSocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comAFTER CLICKING WRITE A REVIEW, CLICK SIGN INSocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comSINCE YOU DONT HAVE A GMAIL ACCOUNT, CLICK CREATE ACCOUNTSocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comCLICK I PREFER TO USE MY CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESSSocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comFILL OUT THE FORM, NOTE THE PASSWORD YOU ASSIGN THIS ACCOUNTSocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comAGREE TO THE PRIVACY & TERMS AFTER SCROLLING THROUGHSocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comVERIFY THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOULL USE FOR GOOGLESocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comSIGN IN TO YOUR CURRENT EMAIL ACCOUNT (MINE WAS YAHOO)SocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comAGREE TO LET YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT SHARE INFO WITH GOOGLESocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comYOURE BACK TO THE FIRST SCREEN, CLICK SIGN INSocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comGOOGLE WELCOME SCREEN VERIFIES YOURE LOGGED INSocialSparkMedia.comhttp://socialsparkmedia.comTA-DAAA! YOU CAN NOW WRITE YOUR REVIEW AND POST IT.SocialSparkMedia.com