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  • 1. AIGA EssentialsGetting Startedwith WordPressBy Tom SemmesTGS Creative
  • 2. AIGAA Easrsgehn!ti aIl scan’t finda theme thatworks! !How do I make it do what I want itto do?Isn’t WordPress supposed to beeasy?
  • 3. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressShow of hands. Are you… Considering starting a blog or website? Working with a WordPress site and are frustratedmaking the changes you want? A print designer moving into web design? A web designer with knowledge of HTML and CSSinterested in migrating to WordPress?
  • 4. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressWhat is WordPress? WordPress is a free and open source contentmanagement system (CMS) based on PHP andMySQL. Originally developed in 2003 as a system for blogging. Not just for blogs. vs It is one the most popular web builders today powering1 out of every 4 sites
  • 5. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressPros? Your client can manage and update their site. You can apply a new look instantaneously by simplychanging the theme. Content, since it is separate from design, has more flexibilityand power using Widgets and Shortcodes. You can easily add functionality, like shopping carts, eventcalendars, slideshows, and forms, with inexpensive Plugins. Free technical support is only a Google search away.
  • 6. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressCons? WordPress is vulnerable to hackings and attacks The core files and plugins need to be updated. You are at a remove from the design. You can nolonger work directly with HTML. Changes have to becoordinated across a variety of files. This could requireknowledge of CSS and PHP and make creating acustom design difficult.
  • 7. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressGetting Started1. Choose webhost.2. Install WordPress.3. Choose a theme.
  • 8. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressChoosing a Webhost Standard Shared Hosting: Most popular webhosts willallow you to install WordPress easily via CPanel. Thesehosts are often inexpensive you may sacrifice in speed andsecurity. GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator. WP Managed Hosting. WordPress is already installed.Built-in security protections, trained technical support,development areas and more. More expensive but moresecure and faster. SiteGround, Pressable, WP-Engine.
  • 9. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressThree ways to log inTo have control of a WordPress site you need this access Webhost login to control panel FTP access to web files WordPress admin login
  • 10. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressA WordPress installationA WordPress installation creates a database to storecontent and uploads hundreds of files to your server.Let’s take a look under the hood…
  • 11. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressChoosing a ThemeThemes control how you site looks and functions. They arecomposed of files including PHP templates, CSS, Javascriptand images. Your main options: Free themes from WordPress. org Commercial themes Web Builders Framework themes
  • 12. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressFree ThemesThere are thousands available via free you generally should avoid them for thesereasons: Difficult to search. Too many choices Conflict with plugins and WordPress updates No technical support or upgrades Limited options
  • 13. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressCommercial ThemesAvailable through commercial sites for a small fee ($25-$50);generally worth with for these reasons: Technical support and regular updates Theme options and Extended features: responsive layouts,portfolios, shopping cartsSome options: Large brokers: Mojo and Envato Boutique : WooThemes, Elegant Themes, StudioPress
  • 14. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressWeb BuildersWeb builders were created to allow complex sites to be built withoutany coding experience. You don’t need to know CSS or PHP You can drag and drop elements like a page layout Cons: proprietary system. You lose your work if you switch backSome options:, and iThemes Builder
  • 15. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressFramework ThemesBasic non-stylized themes with sturdy structure built for you to createyour own work on. Requires good knowledge of CSS and familiarity with PHP Solid support and documentationSome options: WooThemes. Canvas. Built in theme options Studio Press: Genesis. Vast knowledge base Themble: Bones. No frills and no unnecessary code
  • 16. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressUsing a Child ThemeIf you plan to make any changes to the files in a theme,create a child theme to hold your changes Your changes won’t be overwritten by new updates Keeps the original files intact
  • 17. AAIIGGAA EEsssseennttiGiaaettlilnssg Started with WordPressD.I.Y.With a little bit of CSS and Firefox’s Firebug extension youcan go far in changing the look of the site to your liking.Here’s how…
  • 18. AIGA EssentialsThank You!Feel free to contact me:Tom
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    An introduction to WordPress and simple steps to get started using it. Focus on choosing the right theme for you.