Getting Started with WordPress

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  • 1. Getting Started with WordPress by brett bumeter @brettbum
  • 2. Who am I?• I am a WordPress Web developer for Softduit Media. • I also help people find fast themes and hosts at • I was a finance/accounting geek, but I was spun off to the mob, • became a corporate whistleblower & found something better to do! • I've served in the military & lived all over the US.
  • 3. What Will We do today?• Learn what WordPress is • Learn how WordPress is used • Learn the benefits of WordPress • Play with WordPress
  • 4. Ok, so what is it? WordPress is simply a tool for making websites.   Easy(ier)
  • 5. Its a tool that helps you create, manage & update a website.
  • 6. You can easily write blog articles, share pictures, videos, sell things, and more.
  • 7. Websites powered by Wordpress• CNN, The Huffington Post, Blondie • Best Buy, Vogue, The Smithsonian • The New Yorker, Time, NASA • But not! • More @
  • 8. If it can be on the Web It can probably be put there with WordPress.
  • 9. WordPress is used by 23.2% of all websites
  • 10. What makes it so popular• Easy to learn to use • Easy to customize with themes • Easy to add plugins ('the apps of the WP system') • Gets good results!  People & $$$
  • 11. How do I make a WordPress site?• 2 Options • Go to for a free account, or • Install free software directly from
  • 12. Let's Play!
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    Prepared for Geek Girl Tech Con 2014 in Charlotte, nc