Mastering the art of Instagram for Business Success

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Mastering the Art of Instagram for BUSINESS SUCCESSWhat is the one thing they have in common?#1#2#3The truth isPeople dont want to be sold to.SOCIALCONNECTEDis to Facebookas _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is to InstagramINSPIRED.Challenge conventions.Entice through experiences.Less selfies,More stories.ThemeColorCompositionQualityPost-processingFor better reach:Use the right hashtagsKnow your primetimePeople dont want to be sold to.Sales now start with SOCIAL DISCOVERY.Users use Instagram for INSPIRATION.Challenge conventions.Entice through experiences. Less selfies, more stories.Mind the 5 elements of a well-curated Instagram feed.Leverage the use of apps (postprocessing, scheduling, monitoring).Key TakeawaysThank You!