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Social Media Marketing StrategySocial Media Marketing Strategy By Toby Lattimore1) MAKE A GOOD PROFILEMake sure your profile is complete. Add links to your website and if your work relies on a geographical location then add it in. Also if you7 have interests that are relevant to your business add those too because people will be search by theses criteria.2) BE REGULARThe people you connect with will be online at a particular time and they become your audience. Do not change your posting times and potentially your customers youve already form good bonds with. Give yourself a regular posting time and stick to it.3) CROSS PLATFORM SHARINGShare your information across platforms. This could include Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube and a whole canon of platforms. Tweet out Video Links for example and let people know about your other social media accounts through your network.4) BRAND CONSISTANCYNo matter what platform your business is found on make sure people know its you by keeping your branding consistent. This could be a colour or a logo or both.5) YOUR VOICEMost companies will have a voice. This may be serious, humorous or in between. Try and maintain this voice and if you have a number of people working on your social media decide if they should have their own individual voices. 6) SCHEDUALE MESSAGESScheduling messages can save a lot of time. Using a program or in bulit social media function can save the day when it comes to maintaining regularity. Try not to over use it though as it may appear like spamming and prevent you from engaging with your audience.7) USE HASHTAGSYou can access hashtag conversations by simply putting them in your messages. This is a group of people engaged in a particular conversation which may be useful to you. Most social media platforms use #hashtags.8) MENTIONS CAN BE POWERFULEspecially in Twitter a mention can get you quick recognition from the person you mention. Keep these relevant and positive and then people may embrace you in an active network where benefits will be gained.9) EMBEDDING Embedding slide shows from into blog posts is a great example of cross platform sharing and providing your customer with more useful information improving your service. All platforms and messages can be embedded in websites.10) BUSINESS OPTIMISATIONThe more social media platforms you have, the more time you spend networking on these, the bigger your web presence will become and the higher the chance of Google noticing you or your business. This is especially the case for Google+ posts.SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING IS REALIf youre interested in social media training for you or your business tweet me at @oneblueskyltd