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Workers Comp Loan from DePuy Hip Lawsuit Funding 1 Have You Suffered Serious Complications Have You Suffered Serious Injury From a Defective DePuy Hip Implant? Image Have You Suffered Serious Complications Are You A Victim Of a Defective DePuy Hip? Whether it is the Pinnacle or the ASR type! Have You Suffered Serious Complications Are You Involved in a DePuy Hip Lawsuit? Title And Waiting for Your DePuy Hip Settlement, Image of Lawsuit Settlement But Need CASH NOW! Title "Easy Lawsuit Fundingâ Has the Solution! Title "Easy Lawsuit Funding" Provides Settlement Loans on Pending DePuy Hip Settlements. 12 To Pay for Your Medical treatment including Revision Surgery,., Image of Doctor doing surgery To Avoid Bankruptcy  & To Save Credit Score. âEasy Lawsuit Fundingâ Can Help You. With Lawsuit Loan Now! Get Cash Now, Before Your DePuy Hip Settlement! And Pay Back Only if You Win or Settle Your DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuit Settlement! Get Your Pre Settlement Loan On DePuy Lawsuit Now! Total Process is Oh Yes! Image of No Upfront Fees Image of Fast Approvals Get Your Lawsuit Funding Before You Get Your DePuy Hip Settlement! 30 Image of Dollars Image Be a Happy Family Again Don't Wait! Apply Now! Click Here Or Call 626-792-9897 For More Information Call Now: (626)792-9897 Thank You!