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1. About Us USA Lawsuit Loans offers Non-Recourse lawsuit funding, by helping plaintiffs with our low cost lawsuit loans. Our staff is comprised of a group of professionals with years of experience in lawsuit funding who understand and care about your financial needs. we keep our overhead cost low, and in return you receive your lawsuit loan with no application fee, no hidden fees, and the lowest rates in the industry. USA Lawsuit Loans provides plaintiffs with low-cost lawsuit advances for personal injury lawsuits, post settlement lawsuits, commercial litigation lawsuits, and structured settlement buyouts. At USA Lawsuit Loans you are not just a number you are a friend. Apply today and receive your money tomorrow. 2. Process Lawsuit Funding Application Process: Call us at 866.840.4498 to do an application right over the phone. You can also fill out an application online. We contact your Attorney and request documents pertaining to your case. Our underwriting team reviews your case. Once approved, we send you and your law firm our agreement. When the signed agreement is received, we send you the money that day. You may also choose to receive your money next day air by FEDEX or a wire transfer to your bank account for immediate use. 3. Services Pre Settlement Funding Post Settlement Funding Commercial Litigation Funding Attorney Funding Structured Settlement Funding 4. The pre settlement funding and pre settlement loans services offered by USA Lawsuit Loans can relieve your financial burden without needing to settle your lawsuit for less money than you deserve. USA Lawsuit Loans offers rapid pre settlement loans and low cost pre settlement funding to customers throughout US. Receive the lawsuit cash you need by filling out our fast and easy application, or by calling USA Lawsuit Loans at 866-840-4498. If you are in need of money, stop procrastinating! 5. A post settlement litigation cash advance from USA Lawsuit Loans can help you reach financial freedom. USA Lawsuit Loans provides post settlement funding and post settlement loans to plaintiffs or attorneys who have a newly settled lawsuit. USA Lawsuit Loans provides inexpensive post settlement loans. For those who are confronted with financial issues while waiting for a payout on their settled claim or appealed case, we offer significant support. USA Lawsuit Loans provides low cost settlement funding and fast post settlement loans services for lawsuits all throughout the United States of America 6. We have been providing commercial lawsuit funding for many years and have been one of the only litigation funding companies that offer commercial lawsuit funding for appellate lawsuits. USA Lawsuit Loans provides litigation financing whether you are paying out of pocket for your attorney or you are on a contingency fee agreement. We offer plaintiffs and attorneys of commercial lawsuits cost-effective non- recourse commercial litigation loansa cornerstone of our guarantee. Throughout the United States, USA Lawsuit Loans can assist you with low- cost commercial litigation funding services for various kinds of commercial lawsuits. 7. USA Lawsuit Loans offers attorneys and law firms these services: Line of credit Law firm loans Post-settlement funding Lawsuit funding Law firm financing 8. At USA Lawsuit loans, you will receive the most cash when selling a structured settlement or annuity payments. USA Lawsuit Loans will provide you with the best structured settlement funding quote within mere hours of contacting us. This is our guarantee Our trained staff will work hard to approve you for the highest dollar amount for your structured settlement. USA Lawsuit Loans is your solution if you wish to sell your structured settlement and annuity payments. 9. Contact Us: 451 E 14th Street, Suite 5D New York, NY 10009 Phone: 866-840-4498 Fax: 866-840-6944 Email: info@usalawsuitloans.com Website: http://usalawsuitloans.com/ 14355 SW Allen Blvd Suite 140 Beaverton, OR 97005 Phone: 503-967-4997 Fax-855.366.3359 Email: info@usalawsuitloans.com Website:http://usalawsuitloans. com/