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3 Thought Leaders to Consider When Learning to Become a Thought Leader

by rosettabrand



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  • Thought Leaders to Consider When Learning to Become a Thought Leader 3
  • Here are some of the people who exude that perfect combo Introduction It can mean having the kind of customer engagement plan, social media presence, and blogging practice you know you need to turn customers into brand evangelists. Cultivating the skills of an effective and influential thought leader, however, is tricky. For one, it takes a thought leader who knows how to use what he or she already has. It also takes a thought leader who can see the importance of writing an eBook for major eTailers, blogging regularly, becoming a social media expert, and of seeking out events and conferences to speak at. But the fact is, there’s no instructional manual or guide to becoming a thought leader. ThougThought leaders are made from a cocktail of natural talent, acquired talent, innovation, intellect, intuitiveness and circumstance. Having a good thought leader to back and champion your brand is everything.
  • The best way of learning about anything is by doing“ “ Richard Branson is the Virgin Media Group. He is synonymous with the empire he built. But this is largely because Branson tapped into something early on that allowed him to become a bestselling author, spokesperson, public honoree and thought leader. An unliAn unlikely candidate for future entrepreneur and thought leader, Branson had an interesting self-made, rags-to-riches story. By telling his story and making himself the face of the Virgin Media Group, he made the brand more likeable, personal and relatable. From publishing bestselling thought leadership books including Losing My Virginity: How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune to publishing articles such as 10 Inspirational Richard Branson Quotes on the Virgin Entrepreneur website, Richard Branson was unafraid of telling his brand story while using that same brand to tell it. RosettaBrand knows thought leadership takes confidence. How do I make myself a thought leader? Am I really there yet? Both aBoth are valid questions, but what we do as a company is instill confidence in our customers by encouraging them to see themselves and their brands as stories and storytellers with thoughts and opinions that need sharing. -Richard Branson
  • Don’t let the noise of other opinions drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. “ “ His inspirational quotes are plastered over every Facebook page and Twitter feed. His face is in every Apple store on every MacBook screen and the wisdom, inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit he captured has spawned books, movies, and most importantly, thoughts and opinions. SSteve Jobs is the quintessential thought leader of the 21st century. Apple had a story to tell and Steve Jobs told it because it was largely his own, and in doing so he allowed himself to become the face of Apple as well as its champion. The The fact is, not only did customers and brand evangelists want to know what made Apple, Apple, they also wanted to relate to it via the person that inspired it. Today, few people haven’t been exposed to a Steve Jobs quote, or a Steve Jobs commencement speech, or a bestselling Steve Jobs biography. RosettaBrand believes thought leaders ought to see themselves as pioneers, entrepreneurs, intellects and motivational speakers. What Steve Jobs’ legacy tells us is that your customers want to see you as such, and are waiting on the sidelines while you plan your first or your next step. Taking that leap forward is so important because it can ultimately redefine how your brand engages with its customers. -Steve Jobs
  • Ideas Worth Spreading“ “ We know what you’re thinking. isn’t a thought leader it merely hosts them. There is no single individual championing, no familiar face synonymous with it in name and identity. And yet, is maybe the very thing that makes a thought leader a thought leader because it creates or emboldens them regularly in its mission statement.’s motto is Ideas Worth Spreading and nothing could be more fitting for a non-profit that has turned itself into a mecca of thoughts, ideas and opinions on everything from geo-politics to entrepreneurial success. So in a way this list would be unfulfilled if weren’t at the very least mentioned. RosettaBrand views thought leaders as walking, thinking, opinionating think tanks and to ignore the creator of TED Talks and the leading 21st century non-profit for all things idea-related would be sacrilegious. Like, we challenge our customers and our audience to think creatively and innovatively. is now a brand because it started as a thought leader. RosettaBrand wants to help you continue growing your brand by helping you become a thought leader of the caliber.
  • Conclusion There is no one-dimensional recipe for achievement as a thought leader. The pathway to becoming a thought leader is specific to every brand and company. What RosettaBrand does is consider your brand story, how you should tell it, who should tell it, who you should tell it to, where you should tell it and why. We want your thought leader to be as unique to your company as Steve Jobs was to his. Together, we know we can curate a thought leadership-based strategy of social media posts and eBooks that can really put you on the map. Considering what has come before us is always key to understanding the obstacles ahead, but the next step is taking that leap that will begin to help you tell your own brand story. The truth is, while RosettaBrand’s consultations might consider tried-and-tested formulas and trends for thought leadership success; we champion ourselves on our desire to think outside the box.
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