Clean language - Agile Santa Barbara Jan 2016

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C L E A N L A N G U A G E Q U E S T I O N S S A N TA B A R B A R A A G I L E M E E T U P - W O R K S H O P Andrea ChiouJan 06, 2016Andrea Chiou@andreachiouBlog: Agile Coach at SanteonVirginia SatirG E R A L D W E I N B E R GDavid GroveCaitlin WalkerMarshall RosenbergJim McCarthy Michelle McCarthyJames Lawley and Penny Tompkinshttp://www.adaptivecollaboration.comM E TA P H O R WA R M U PPerson 1: Life is likePerson 2: (answers Person 1s prompt)Person 3: because.. Life is like ..W H O I S H E R E ?W H AT W O U L D Y O U L I K E T O K N O W B E F O R E W E B E G I N ? O R I G I N S David Grove was a hugely successful psychotherapist in the 1980s who treated trauma patients.James Lawley and Penny Tompkins - modeled how David did this by observing him for many months. Others have applied it to other domains and daily living. learning, action, and reflection in all sorts of group and organizational settings Walkerhttp://www.trainingattention.com H E R E H A S I T B E E N U S E D ?BusinessInterviews Hiring CoachingIn ITHelping teach young kidsmath, spelling, and music - everyday useDoctorsGeriatric careFacilitating change in large organizations; creating visionsIn therapy and social work In Police Investigation, to prevent leading questions while interviewing In ISO 9000 auditsCLEAN LANGUAGE (outside of world of its origins)PAT T E R N S O F I N T E R A C T I O N BASED ON OBSERVATIONS OUR UNIQUE STYLE THE CULTURE THE CONSTRAINTSA N D AT T I M E S F I N D O U R S E LV E S W I T N E S S I N G MISALIGNED GOALS DISAGREEMENTS LESS THAN STELLAR MEETINGS MISSED OPPORTUNITIESO R AT T I M E S W E O B S E R V E ONE PERSON DOMINATING CONVERSATION UNEVEN PATTERNS GUESSING GAMES THE KARPMAN DRAMA TRIANGLE (rescuer, blamer, victim)C L E A N Q U E S T I O N S A R E C O N T E N T F R E E Q U E S T I O N S WHICH ELICIT METAPHOR WHICH LEAD TO CONTENT RICH THINKING WHICH FOCUS ATTENTION WHICH LEAD TO MAPS/MODELS LOCATION(Where%is%?%Whereabouts%%is%?%ATTRIBUTES(What%kind%of?%Is%there%anything%else%about?%%SEQUENCE(AFTER(Then%what%happens%?%What%happens%next?%SEQUENCE(BEFORE(Where%could%%come%from?%What%happens%just%before?%METAPHOR(Thats%%like%what?%Agile%Santa%Barbara%%Intro%to%Clean%Language%QuesFons%LOCATION(Where%is%?%Whereabouts%%is%?%ATTRIBUTES(What%kind%of?%Is%there%anything%else%about?%%SEQUENCE(AFTER(Then%what%happens%?%What%happens%next?%SEQUENCE(BEFORE(Where%could%%come%from?%What%happens%just%before?%METAPHOR(Thats%%like%what?%Agile%Santa%Barbara%%Intro%to%Clean%Language%QuesFons%W H AT W O U L D Y O U L I K E T O H AV E H A P P E N ?F I V E S E N S E S - P R A C T I C E # 1PRACTICE SESSION #2Learning at your best Parenting at your best Coding at your bestCoaching at your bestStudying at your best Designing at your best W H E N Y O U A R E _ _ _ _ AT Y O U R B E S T, Y O U A R E L I K E W H AT ?P R A C T I C E M A R I A N WAY This book is an excellent guide to Clean. Laid out simply with beautiful illustrations and examples.J U D Y R E E S A N D W E N D Y S U L L I VA NThis book is a gentle introduction to Clean with plenty of exercises and examples for everyday H O I S U S I N G I T ? & A , F E E D B A C K A N D A P P R E C I AT I O N S