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Reivax Smart Cream for Men, An assignment on the integrated marketing communication plan at JBIMS


  • 1. Advertisement & sales PromotionIntegrated Marketing Communications PlanPresented by Xavier Prakash inJBIMS 2007-2010
2. Market review The market size for fairness cream in India is estimatedto be Rs.950 crore. The market growth rate ranges between 30 % on a year-to-year basis. The leading players in the market includes HindustanLever Ltd., (HLL's) 'Fair & Lovely' with 76 percent of themarket share and Cavin Kare's 'Fairerer' with 15 percentof the market share. Godrej's 'Fairglow', Emami's 'Fair and Handsome', Viccoand Himalaya share the rest of the market share. It has been estimated that males constitute 20 percentof the total sales for fairness creams in India. 3. Reivax Smart Review A fair complexion has always been associated with successand popularity. Men and women alike desire fairness, it isbelieved to be the key to a successful life. Well for womenthe market is loaded with fairness cream but for men thereare few fairness creams. Reivax is a pioneer in Health care products manufacturingCosmetic products with the turnover of 100CR Product launch Budget 5CR5 power fairness system for menStrong Peptide ComplexSunguardAnti-BacterialStress busterHerbocool 4. Market ReviewFactor influencing the mens Cream market As fashion trends and lifestyles change, The attitudes and conceptions about human beauty Today fairness is not a word mentioned only in thematrimonial advertisements The society believe that being fair is being beautifuland handsome. 5. Competitor AnalysisMarket Share Fair & Lovely by HLL- 56% Fairever by Cavin Kare-15% Fairglow by Godrej-5% Fair & Handsome by Emami-4% Others-20% 6. Problem Statement forResearch To measure the Perception, Attitude andpurchasing Preference for mens Fairnesscream 7. Cluster Analysis 8. Agglomeration Schedule 9. Dendogram 10. Final Clusters 11. Perceptual Mapping 12. Differentiation Men’s Fairness Cream with MasculineCologne Fragrance 13. Segmentation Demographics Gender (Male/Female) Age Group 15 – 40 Yrs 14. Targeting Age Group of 15-40yrs Educated and employed Adult 15. PositioningReivax Smart for Smart Men 16. Marketing Objective To acquire 10 % share in 3 Years 10 Crores in First Year 15 Cr in second Year 20 Cr in third Year 17. IMC PLANMedia objectives Who? Men in the age group of 15-40 Urban & Rural population Comfortable personal income Educated 18. Media objectivesWhat? The requirement is to create a highimpact. Huge spends across media will bemade to have the desired impact, whichwill reflect in the performance of thebrand. Here impact will be traded forefficiency to achieve the desired result. 19. Media objectivesWhen? During Summer March - August 20. Media objectivesWhere?,How? Above the Line Television Cable TV’s Radio Newspaper Below the Line Shows in malls Hoardings Banners 21. Budget Above the Line 50lacs Below the line 15 Lacs 22. Media StrategyTarget Market Strategy Use TV during News & Sports intervals Use Cable during movies 23. Media StrategyMarket Coverage/Timing Mumbai city 9-10pm for TV Radio commercials Morning 9-11am Newspaper in Hindustan Times 24. Creative PlanSlogan Reivax Smart for smart Men 25. IMCSales Promotion Product Bundling Supermax Shaving Kit Business Magazines Shows in Malls SMS Outdoor advt Packaging 26. Key point Summary As Reivax is a new entrant in the fairness creammarket, we have the need to change theperception of the consumer to buy and try thenew product, and hence the quality and the priceshould be lower than the existing brands.The Strategy the Reivax should adapt: Pricing should be lower than the competition Product Bundling Easy availability Sponsorship to college festivals Focus on Cologne masculine fragrance Advertisement should have maximum reach.