A Wave of Nipple Covers across the World

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1. A Wave of Nipple Covers across the WorldNo Comments »Mermaid Parade on Coney Island, New York.On June 23, 2012, local time, New York ushered in the annual Coney Island…


1. A Wave of Nipple Covers across the WorldNo Comments »Mermaid Parade on Coney Island, New York.On June 23, 2012, local time, New York ushered in the annual Coney Island “Mermaid” parade. Itis the 30ed anniversary this year. There were nearly 500,000 people involved. As in previous years, the participants put on the most eye-popping apparels to attract the most attention and enjoy thecarnival on the streets. Most styles are based ob the theme of sea world, “mermaid”, “the fairy”and various kinds of marine organisms everywhere. Look at their fashionable costumes and wecan see that most women chose nipple covers instead of bras. Nipple covers supply them with afaultless and cozy concept that marks every individually distinct touch. As nipple covers stickingsecurely, participants wantonly enjoyed their dancing and running.Nipple covers costumes in the Mermaid parade.The name says it all. Nipple covers are self adhesive coverage for one’s nipples. They are made toavoid nipple projections, counteract embarrassing erect nipple issue and safeguard ourself-assurance. Now nipple covers have given a big swing to modern fashion. They sweep everycorner of world. There are actually many underlying factors why people will dress in nipplecovers. The initial attempt is to prevent our nipples from projecting through our clothes and fromreceiving unwanted attention. That is for self-security and prudence. While in the latest fashiontrends, those fashion orientated females tend to enjoy wearing clothes that require them to gobraless. And they find nipple covers are just the right fashion statement. 2. Ocean organisms.Nipple covers are now particularly effective and are widely recommended. Especially when youcannot wear a bra underneath your tops or gowns, nipple cover is the best substitute and it evendoes better than bra since they are more lightsome and more convenient. You can wear them onmore situations. Naturally worn, they are all-match to the backless and off-the-shoulder, fullyshow people your perfect figure and avoid being exposed. Apart from being a sign of fashion,nipple covers are also beneficial to our body. They are comfortable to wear and they help us getrid of the specific situation of discomforting protruding nipples. Our nipples will also be protectedfrom some irritants that may cause our nipples to itch. That is why more and more women arebeginning to embrace this new form of lingerie.Green mermaid in the parade. 3. The white fairy.your sexy wardrobe has huge selections of sexy nipple covers and they are increasingly becomingmore and more popularly accepted. There are many types for you to choose, including plastic,throw-away, silicone, memory foam and recyclable nipple covers. You are sure to find one ormultiples that suit your skin tone and fit your breast appropriately. They raise sexy appeal andaesthetic index to the largest, gracefully show people your sexy bosom curve and release the mostprimitive feminine flavor!Red Rose Eden Pasties from your sexy wardrobe.Tags:Our sexy underwear and lingerie sets include agent provocateur lingerie lingerie party lingerie, party,lingerie costumes bridal lingerie lingerie clothing and playwear sets Weve included a costumes, lingerie, clothing, sets.selection of sexy lingerie party featuring some gorgeous lace lingerie. We dont do ordinary underwearor lingerie but if your looking for lingerie to tease or lingerie for a special occasion or lingerie to fulfill yourfavourite fantasy then this is the place for you. Take a look for yourself browse through our sexy lingerie lingerie, 4. we are sure you will find the perfect lingerie online to make you feel really special.