Content curation a beginner's guide to digital content curation

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A BEGINNER'S GUIDETO DIGITALCONTENTCURATIONCONTENT CURATION OVERVIEWWHAT is content curation?WHY do you need to curate content?HOW to start curating content? CONTENT CURATION? WHATContent curation is adding your voice to ahandpicked collection of content, from a variety ofsources around a specific topic, that youpublish and share. IS MORE THAN PACKAGING IT IS TO HELP READERS (DISCERN) WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN THE WORLD.Maria Papova,BRAINPICKER IMPORTANT STEPS1. Define Your Topic2. Collect Content3. Add Your VoiceInteresting & meaningful to your audienceEx) Industry news, top 10 lists, research, presentations, product recommendations, resources, press pages, etc. Choose the best contentSelect from various mediumsEx) Videos, articles, podcasts, webinars, social media posts, infographics, etc.Publish & share your curated content with your customTell your audience why they should pay attentionBe viewed as a thought-leader STEP!4. PUBLISH & SHAREWITH YOUR AUDIENCEPublish & share your curated content with your customGo where your audience is! NEED TO START CURATING CONTENT TODAY? WHY BIG REASONS WHY1.SaveTime & Resources2.Become a Thought-Leader3. Grow Your NetworkTime to research and produce lots of quality contentNeed multiple team members executing togetherEx) Quality videos, white pagers, infographics, long-form articles, etc.Pull in-depth content from experts & organizationsBundle best resources intelligentlySave your audience research timePublish & share your curated content with your customInclude content from other companies, experts & influencersIMPORTANT: Properly give credit & notify sources you included them ALREADY ADDED CURATED CONTENT TO THEIR MARKETING STRATEGY 82% MARKETERS18%82%~ IMNINC.COM Marketers who don't use curated content. Marketers who do use curated content. YOU CURATE CONTENT?HOW IDEAS1.CuratedEmailNewsletters2.Curated Web Content3.Social Media PostsShare daily/weekly curated newslettersex) Relevant industry news, top 10 lists, product reviews, case studies, customer success, research, helpful resources, etc.Create stand-alone curation pagesInclude curation within a blog post or content pieceex) Key resources, informative video playlists, reading lists, research, press pages, etc.Publish & share your curated content with your customTag brands, experts & influencers with your curated contentMost powerful voices will share your content STEP: Look at your current marketing strategy and identify key areas where you can start curating content today! THANK YOU!CURATE CONTENTIN MINUTES