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Debbie WilliamsCo-Founder/Chief Content OfficerContent Marketing Workshop Learn to grow your business and customer relationships through content marketing. @debwilliams23@sproutcontent#contentmarketingWho Am I? 20 years experience in strategic, creative content, helping companies create their voice & positioning: 12 years as senior copywriter for global consumer brands in NYC 8 years as content marketing/inbound marketing agency owner: SPROUT Content, Platinum Level HubSpot Partner Content Marketing Author 11 years on Gulf Coast NJ/NYC area NativeDebbie WilliamsCo-Founder/ Chief Content OfficerSPROUT Content@debwilliams23Who are you?2017 Content Marketing Workshop Pre-Event SurveyQ1: Which of the following best describes your job role? (please choose only one.)Pre-Event SurveyQ2: Do you have a documented content marketing strategy?Pre-Event SurveySome of your greatest content marketing challenges: Staying current with SEO and site traffic.Understanding what is most effective.What content to develop and who will develop it.How to share your expertise.How to create a custom marketing plan. Frequent, consistent dynamic content. Reaching and engaging an audience that is not opted in.Pre-Event SurveyTop things you hope to take away: Improve buyer journeyDevelop engaging content Expand content reachNew ideas, and effective strategiesMetrics, tools and tacticsContent marketing strategyCreating and using buyer personasUnderstanding SEO and increasing site traffic AGENDA. Content Marketing Overview Content Marketing Strategy Buyer Personas Editorial SEO Keyword Exercise Content Ideas Editorial Calendar Exercise Content Distribution Q&AWhat is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.Content Marketing OverviewYou are your own media company. Every company, in any size and industry, can create and distribute educational information and build trusted audiences.Content Marketing OverviewYour Readers dont just want CONTENT they want solutions to problems. Content Marketing OverviewThe Ultimate GoalBecome the trusted, expert resource in your industry, where your customers are looking for information online -so they FIND YOU and CHOOSE YOU.Content Marketing Overview: WHY?THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. HOW PEOPLE SEEK OUT INFORMATION AND MAKE BUYING DECISIONS HAS CHANGED FOREVER. Content Marketing OverviewIn 2011 (6 years ago!), Google released the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)Whether we're shopping for corn flakes, concert tickets or a honeymoon in Paris, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. At Google, we call this online decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth or simply ZMOT.81% of buyers research before they buy, consulting an average of 10.4 sources. (in both personal and business decisions)Content Marketing OverviewDecision making: The HARD STATS 94% of buyers conduct online research at some point in the buying process. The average buyer progresses nearly 60% of the way through the purchase decision-making process before engaging with a person at your company. People turn to the internet and social media first. If they are looking for your products/services what are they finding? Marketing OverviewContent Marketing Methodology ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT! Strangers Visitors Leads Customers PromotersBlogSocial MediaKeywordsInfluencer eBooksSocial AdsCTAsLanding PagesFormsContactsInfographicsWebinarsVideo TestimonialsEmailWorkflowsLead ScoringSales IntelligenceFoundational Strategy Buyer Personas Content Audit/Inventory Competitive Analysis Content Style Guide SEO Strategy Social Media Strategy Content Mapping Influencer Marketing StrategySocial MediaEmailWorkflowsInfluencerSurveysPromotions Gilmore Services has an almost equal grade in the HubSpot marketing grader than national leader Iron Mountain Content Marketing Levels the Playing FieldContent Marketing Levels the Playing FieldGilmore Services has PAGE ONE rankings for their top keyword, in between two of the biggest national competitors.The meta descriptions for all three companies are similar and include the same keyword phrases.SPROUT CONTENT Page 1 of national search results for content marketing agencyContent Marketing Levels the Playing FieldContent Marketing StrategyCONTENT MARKETING STRATEGYContent Marketing StrategyHow many of you have a documented content strategy?Content Marketing StrategyContent Marketing Strategy Essential Factors to Content Marketing Success:1. Company wide buy-in from the top down (marketing is no longer a department) 2. Alignment between marketing and sales3. Documented content strategy aligned toGOALS4. Content resources and accountabilityContent Marketing Strategy Essential Factors to Content Marketing Success: 4. Content resources and accountability5. Content mapped to your buyers journey6. Consistency (in voice/brand and publishing cadence)7. Content distribution strategy8. Measurement and Tracking Content Marketing Strategy: TestEXERCISE: The Content Marketing TestContent Marketing Test: (1 pt for each Yes)Best Practice YES NO Company wide buy-in from the top down Alignment between marketing and salesDocumented content strategy aligned to GOALSContent resources and accountabilityContent mapped to your buyers journeyConsistencyContent distribution strategyMeasurement and TrackingContent Marketing Strategy:TestContent Marketing Strategy The biggest content marketing mistakes companies make:0 PLAN + 0 GOALS + 0 MEASUREMENT =Content Marketing Strategy0 results found.Content Marketing Strategy Content Marketing Mistakes@SPROUTContentPre-Work:SET MEASURABLE GOALS AND BENCHMARKSContent Marketing Strategy 1: Outline content marketing goals.Clearly outline your goals before you start anything else. What do you want to achieve? (site traffic, thought leadership, leads?) What metrics will you use to track success? Is this feasible? Content Marketing Strategy Content Marketing Strategy 2: Establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)Determine the KPIs you will evaluate to determine whether your content is successful. Content Marketing Strategy 3: Measure SuccessWhat tools will you use to measure performance? Content Marketing Strategy Content Marketing Strategy Buyer PersonasBUYER PERSONASKNOW AND DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCEBuyer PersonasBuyer PersonasWhat is a buyer persona? Buyer Personas are: fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers.They help you understand your customers (and prospective customers) better, and make it easier for you to tailor content to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of different groups.Buyer Personas@SPROUTContentWhile 64% of the C-suite have final say in decisions, so do 24% of the non-C-suite, 81% of which have a say in purchase decisions. If youre marketing to only the highest level executives, youre not reaching those who are looking for you first. Buyer PersonasEach persona uncovers the most important messages to be included in the content you publish and provides insight on how to lead your target audience down the sales funnel.Buyer Personas: SAMPLEFinancial Decider DianeGoals Creating value for shareholders Increasing stock price Delivering predictable performance Recognition from CEO, BODs Building personal street credChallenges Maintaining/increasing top- and bottom-line revenue Staying aware of planned/proposed SEC reg changes Keeping financial data secure Exceeding shareholder expectations (stock price, EPS, EBITDA, etc.) Keeping Finance team engaged/motivatedWhat we can do Help team collaborate more easily Provide regulatory expertise and filing support Mitigate external market risk with accurate, timely reporting to SEC Save time for team to focus on other company/dept. objectives Help them rest easy; make them look smartSAMPLEBuyer Personas: ExerciseEXERCISE: WHO is the persona? WHAT do they do? What does their day look like? WHERE is the gap in their needs/wants? WHEN do they need to close this gap? WHY do they care about us?Buyer Personas: ExercisePERSONA NAME: (based on role not Title)ROLE IN DECISION MAKING:Who reports to/direct reportsResearcher/middle/final/financialGOALS:Personas primary goalPersonas secondary goalCHALLENGES:Primary challenge to personas successSecondary challenge to personas successHOW WE HELP:How you solve your personas challengesHow you help your persona achieve goalsBuyer PersonasHow to create buyer personas: 1. Identify the important decision makers throughout every stage of the sales cycle, from research to financial qualifier to decision maker. 2. Develop strategic questions to reveal who they are, their core responsibilities, pain points and challenges, and decision criteria.3. Conduct interviews (with real people).4. Use social media for additional insights.5. Develop content ideas inspired by real insights into what your buyers need to know from you. Buyer PersonasFor more information on developing buyer personas: SEO SEO Editorial SEODevelop Your SEO PlanSEO SIMPLIFIED SEO is all about content and vice versa. Editorial SEOSearchEngineOptimizationOptimize content so PEOPLE and SEARCH ENGINES (Google, Bing, etc.) can find you.Editorial SEOWHAT DOES OPTIMIZING YOUR CONTENT MEAN? Search engines need content to deliver results. Content marketing is content. Creating QUALITY relevant content helps Google, and people, FIND YOU. Editorial SEOA SIMPLE SEO PLAN - YOUR CHECKLIST. Develop buyer personas. Conduct keyword research. Determine the most common phrases your buyers are using to find you. Create a content plan mapped to your personas and keywords. Create QUALITY content.Ensure proper meta descriptions (back end of content), internal linking and headers (front facing content) are complete. Editorial SEOStart with Keyword Research. Using a tool like Google Adwords Keyword planner, HubSpot, SEM Rush or MOZ, start a list of the top words and phrases people (your customers/personas, not you) would use to find solutions to their challenges. Word Current Rank Monthly Searches Difficulty CPCEditorial SEOEXERCISE:WRITE DOWN THE TOP 10-15 KEYWORD PHRASES YOU WANT TO BE RANKED FOR - AND THAT YOUR AUDIENCE MIGHT USE TO FIND YOU. Editorial SEOHOMEWORK THIS WEEK:Go to: and analyze the top 5 words youve listed. This is a starting point for your research.Editorial SEO a tool or spreadsheet to analyze results and choose your top keyword opportunities. Editorial SEOCreate a content roadmap for each persona that addresses their major pain points while executing the SEO strategy.This is accomplished with a content funnel strategy targeting each stage of the buyers journey (Awareness, Consideration, Decision) with relevant topics and keyword phrases.Editorial SEOHow does it all come together? Content curation team for Venue, not necessarily for ADLacking structured creation and distribution scheduleReactionary Lacking measurable goalsNot created for specific personasBecome viewed as a thought leaderBe found online organicallyEstablish a regular content creation and distribution scheduleCreate content for personasFinancial Decider DianeSearch Engine OptimizationKeywords are available for Venue and AD (a more extensive list is available for AD)Initial and current rankings per keyword are unavailableCompetitive analysis conducted by SproutTake stock of previously established foundational research, analyze current goals and processes, and create Phase 1 of Content Strategy based on available information, to identify and meet attainable goals.Phase 1 of Content StrategyEstablish a blog editorial calendar and production process to: Ease current gaps and frustrations in the content production process Create high quality content, regularly, in order to increase SEO and organic search results, and increase reputation as industry thought leader Match content to specific personas, and their buyers journeys Build ABC brand reputation and recognition as a thought leaderBuyer PersonasCurrent content creation processCurrent content goalsPHASE 1:INITIAL STEPSAIMGOALSAVAILABLE INFORMATIONSAMPLEContent MappingUse what youve learned about your buyers journey to plan your content editorial calendar mapped to keywords, personas, buying stage.Editorial CalendarContent Editorial Ideas EDITORIAL CONTENTContent Editorial Ideas HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH SO MANY INTERESTING TOPICS???Content Editorial Ideas IDEAS ARE ALL AROUND YOU!Google Trends helps you identify trending topics and see the popularity of various search queries over time. Editorial Ideas Google AdWords Keyword Planner gives you insight into the searches your customers are performing, including linguistic opportunities you may not have otherwise uncovered. Editorial Ideas BuzzSumo lets you research specific topics and see what articles about those topics have performed well, giving you insight into how your content may perform. Editorial Ideas Your own data, such as website and social media analytics, can give you a wealth of insight into your audience and content performance.Content Editorial Ideas Interview your internal subject matter experts. Sales Team IT Product Specialists Customer SupportContent marketing needs to be a company-wide collaboration. Content Editorial Ideas Set Up Google Alerts Find Relevant Content to share- Listen for Story Ideas- Build Your Influencer List- Monitor keywords and industry newsContent Editorial Ideas Content Editorial Ideas Editorial Ideas: Advanced Tip!HubSpots built-in content cluster tool helps you find and build-out the most relevant topics based on what your audience is searching for.Create How-To Guides and longer form educational content.Content Editorial Ideas Dont be afraid to give away your knowledge. Listen in social media Monitor keywords and hashtags to find relevant content and conversations Use tools to help manage lists such as HubSpot, Twitter Lists, Tweepi, Sprout SocialContent Editorial Ideas Content Editorial Ideas - the buyers journeyEXERCISE:Take five minutes and write down the top questions your customers and prospects ask you on a regular basis.Content Editorial Ideas HOMEWORK THIS WEEK:Talk to your sales team. Find out the top questions they receive over and over (if one person has the question, others do too) What are the concerns people have to choosing your company/product/service? Why are they NOT buying from you?Content DistributionCONTENT DISTRIBUTIONContent Distribution60% of Marketers Distribute at Least One Piece of Content Every Day - eMarketer DistributionDont just publish and forget it! Focus 20% on NEW content development and 80% on content distribution. Targeted/themed emails with a series of content topics (yours and curated) Social Media (80% educational content from all sources / 20% promotional or sales related). LinkedIn Pulse blog - republish blog posts in full Create a Medium blog or publication Research Blog syndication opportunities in your industry Review Quora and Reddit opportunities to link to your content authenticallyContent DistributionSlice and Dice your content.One content idea should be repurposed in many forms. SocialMediaTodayRECAP - Who are you?Some of your greatest content marketing challenges: Staying Current with SEO and site traffic Understanding what is most effective What content to develop and who will develop it? How to share your expertise. How to create a custom marketing plan. Frequent, consistent dynamic content. Reaching and engaging your audience that are not opted inRECAP - Who are you?Top things you hope to take away: Improve buyer journey Develop engaging content Expand content reach New ideas, and effective strategies Metrics, tools and tactics Content marketing strategy Creating and using buyer personas Understanding SEO and increasing site traffic QUESTIONS?Q&AAre you ready to take your content marketing to the next level and learn to be more transparent? Learn more in our book: Brands in Glass info@sproutcontent.comAvailable at YOU@sproutcontent@debwilliams23#contentmarketing#inboundmarketingwww.sproutcontent.comdebbie@sproutcontent.com