Digital Marketing Workshop in Goa - Effective use of digital media

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Social Media & Cidade de GoaA workshop to effectively use the digital mediumDigital Media MarketingVernon FernandesDirector, Web Design & Digital MarketingWhat were gonna coverGain an understanding of the digital landscapePut your best foot forward with your website.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) v/s Content MarketingThe Whys and Whats of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Story telling using Social MediaDigital Marketing Trends for 2016.So where do you start?The Current Social Media SceneWhich is the best platform?The websiteLets begin at the topPutting your best foot forward.What makes a great website?Lets take a look at the top Indian educational Institutions 2015 as per India TodaySome of our work in the education sector in GoaA view of some popular international universities.A Website that Wows!Responsive, user friendly, attractive design. Interactive & engaging - videos, helpdesk, polls Links to social media networks, blogs. Clear CTA, share & subscription buttons SEO optimised, behavioural targeting Trust factors - testimonials Elements NeededUse the right toneBe conversational, informative & helpful Dont overwhelm with too many headlines, walls of text Use persuasive copy, address the audience directly Be unique, innovative & leverage trends Develop your voice and be authentic Maintain consistency but dont be boring! Search engine optimization &Content marketingNow to be searched!Lets do a very basic searchColleges in GoaCollege in South GoaArts College in South GoaColleges in MargaoCollege in MargaoPhotography Course GoaThe basicsOn Page OptimisationTechnicalities of the website have to be ensuredAppropriate and DESCRIPTION tagsAll images, lists have appropriate titles & alt tags.Use of Heading TagsContent has sufficient amount of keyword densityImages are optimised to load fasterWebsite adheres to Google Page Speed norms.Sitemap GenerationSubmissions to search engines.Off Page OptimisationCreation of regular content areas like a BlogBuilding links on other websites to yours.Listening to other popular blogs and appropriately contributing and promoting links on themEncouraging social sharing and bookmarkingGetting into Content Marketing strategiesA brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is it is what consumers tell each other it isThe Content Marketing MatrixContent MarketingPeople love storiesMaintain a clear consistency in the tone used.Use various mediums and see what works best.Be innovative & originalTypical Content Plan ScheduleSearch engine marketingGoogle adwordsBetter Visibility Needed!Avenues within Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords - SearchGoogle Adwords - SearchPrimarily revolves around KEYWORDSSelection of keywords are done based uponSearch Volume in a month for the keywordsCompetition for that keywordsRegions you wish to promoteAd format is Text Ads Key Terms : Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg Position, Conversion, Conversion Ratio, Cost, Average CPCBidding formats : Cost per Impressions (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost per Acquisition (CPA)Google Adwords Display NetworksAds are placed on third party websites who lease out real estate on their websites to GoogleAds are placed based onKeywords on the PageManual PlacementsInterests & TopicsLocationAd Format : Text Ads, Image Ads, Animated AdsProvides for a better visibility to the product/brandGoogle Adwords - RemarketingGoogle Adwords RemarketingThese ads follow you across the internet on all the Google friendly websites.Every time you reach a website, it installs a cookie on your device which intimates your surfing trendsAd Format : Text Ads, Image Ads, Animated AdsAs the visitor already has visited your page, he is re targeted to get them to come again and influenced to make a purchase.Where is all the buzz?The Social Media PlatformsThe Noisiest of em alland many moreFacebookSocial Media has seen poor ROI at most times.Its an ideal platform to engage visitors and build brand visibilityFacebook ProfileFacebook PageFacebook GroupsOrganic display to visitors is almost dead. You need to pay to be visible.Post content as per the Content Marketing Plan.Encourage links back to the official website.TwitterShort text format, Twitter allows you to follow people, brands & trends.Introduced to the world the concept of Handles and Hash Tags.Hash Tags are used as a concept to bind various forms of content across platforms with one thread.Create campaigns based on content marketing plan. Encourage interactions by posting opinion generating tweets.InstagramA picture says a thousand words, thus the visual appeal of Instagram has gained it a number of followers.Post formats include image & videoAgain, follow the content marketing plan, use it to showcase.WhatsappOfficially not allowed to use it for promotion or business purposesBecome a very popular platform for healthy discussions, quick delivery of service and inter personnel communications.Creation of broadcast groups helps push the message.A primary platform to engage with students and alumni.In a nutshellThe User JourneySocial MediaFacebook adsSEMSEODisplay NetworksContent Tie-ups with platformsSocial MediaCampaign Landing PageTestimonialsCourse InformationVideo/Digital AssetA Minimilistic enquiry formCounsellors to take overA very basic planHow to market your courses?Identify key Products to market online.Identify key courses that can be marketed onlineEnsure enough literature of the same is present on the website.Ensure there is a robust content marketing plan.Understand that the span of the audience is between 30-45 seconds. Thus content has to be snackable.Avoid Information Overload, choose 3 -4 key points only Course Visibility across PlatformsMarketing FlowA sneak peak into 2016 trendsWhats the future looking like?Expected Trends for 2016Thank