Don't Fear the Content Audit

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1. Its something you must do. 2. You think, Maybe if I close my eyes, it will go away. 3. What is it about content audits that scares so many marketers? 4. There are 5 main reasons WE SHUDDER AT THE THOUGHT OF A CONTENT AUDIT. 5. (1) It feels like searching for ghosts.YOUR CONTENT IS BURIED ACROSS FOLDERS, INBOXES, SOCIAL CHANNELS, AND YOUR WEBSITE. 6. (2) No consistent cataloguing means NAMING CONVENTIONS, METRICS, PERSONAS, AND THEMES MORPH INTO A MONSTER. 7. (3) Those manual audits suck the life out of you... OR AT LEAST THE HOURS OUT OF YOUR DAY. 8. (4) Like a scary clown, UNEXPECTED PROBLEMS POP UP AND HEAP MORE ONTO YOUR PLATE. 9. 5) Worst of all,NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO WITH THAT GIANT BLOB OF A SPREADSHEET YOU MADE. 10. But its time to face your fears. 11. ...And slay this beast of a project. 12. HERE ARE 3 STEPS to content audit domination: 13. (1) Get that wayward contentspread across the interwebsin one spot. 14. Find all the places your content creeps-LIKE YOUR COMPANY WEBSITE, BLOG, YOUTUBE CHANNEL, MARKETING AUTOMATION SOFTWARE, AND SLIDESHARE ACCOUNT. 15. (2) Organize past content, and set a standard for everything moving forward. 16. Identify the most important fields for every asset LIKE TITLE, PUBLISH DATE, URL, SHORT DESCRIPTION, TOPIC, PERSONA, BUYING STAGE, VIEWS, SOCIAL SHARES... 17. (3) Design a strategy for evaluating content. 18. Mark fantastic content to repurpose, outdated content to refresh, and irrelevant assets to kill off. 19. Take control of your content and what its saying about your brand to potential buyers AND ESTABLISH PROCESSES FOR LONG- TERM CONTENT MANAGEMENT. 20. Still sound scary? 21. MEET YOUR NEW HERO: The Content Auditor. 22. INSTEAD OF DOING A MASSIVE, MANUAL SEARCH FOR ASSETS, the Content Auditor pulls everything into one place. 23. Heres how it works: 24. (1) Type in the url you want to pull content from (website, blog, etc.). (2) Sit back as the auditor pulls in all associated content along with social engagement stats. (3) Input fields for personas, buying stages, and themes. (4) Log in to get insights into how your content is performing. 25. Its like a secret weapon, squashing your audit fears and wrangling your content. 26. Ready? Unleash the Content Auditor. Click Here TO START YOUR AUDIT 27. crafted by