Essential Tips For Achieving Success With Location Based Marketing

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  1. 1. Blog: Essential Tips For Achieving Success With Location Based Marketing Social, local and mobile are the three new buzzwords for the advertising and marketing community these days. As an increasing number of users are now relying on mobiles and tablets accompanied by geo-location technology, most modern day businesses are being increasingly forced to focus locally. But how location based advertising is impacting modern day business is surely a question that we should be looking for. Bluetooth advertising with proximity beacon is another latest marketing technique that is being widely accepted by the marketing world but the question still remains is how retailers can actually benefit from it. In reality location based advertising or proximity marketing use localized wireless network for distributing advertising content to a particular place and time and it is upto the end user which equipment he will use for receiving those promotional transmissions. Generally proximity advertising or location based advertising can be classified in four primary types –  Internet enabled devices with GPS enabled  Wi-Fi devices within a range of a particular transmitter  A Bluetooth device and finally  NFC enabled phones. As a short range wireless system, Bluetooth is present in almost all wireless devices that allow users to send files to another Bluetooth device without any wireless connectivity. This type of marketing normally includes setting up broadcasting equipment at a particular location or a promotional spot and sending relevant information including data, images and videos to available devices. For more information you can visit