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Glamorous SparklingSimpleMy brand will be friendly and informative for women to use across the world. I want my beauty-goers to be able to use my eye products easily and seamlessly.. I will use short explanations with images to make the experience fun and thrilling. My customers will feel like super stars with quick, simple steps for a wide variety of looks. Primary-#6241f4 Complimentary- #d3f441Accent- #f45341I think these colors represent my brand well because they pop but have a classy factor to them. They make my brand stand out more than a generic label. Brand ColorsSocial Media Marketing Gives consumers a platform that is easy to reach and use Makes the service more interactive Allows for consumers to see all of the newest trends and objectives the brand is trying to achieveThe Target Market Our customers would be women aged 13-30 The Social Media Marketing used would primarily be on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to improve visibilityThe IT Factor Our goal is to make our makeup unique in packaging to attract a younger demographic The whimsical name attributes to this idea of playfulness that will be shown through our social media marketing We want our customers to feel like they are being their true self with a splash of funFor more help with your social media marketing, visit GenM.cohttps://genm.cohttps://genm.cohttps://genm.co