How to Create Craveable Marketing Content That Attracts & Keeps Customers

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    Featured SpeakerLisa Furgison McEwen


  • Todays Agenda

    S Content defined

    S Why content is king

    S Types of content that you can create

    S Writing tips to create craveable content

    S How to distribute content via email and social with examples

    S Writing tips to create craveable emails

    S Questions

  • Content: Defined

    S When we say create content what does that mean?

    S Creating content like blog posts, infographics, or videos that customers find valuable and using them to attract and retain customers. Also called content marketing.

    S Distribute that content via email to drive brand awareness, educate consumers and drive sales.

  • Why content is king

    S Drive traffic and conversions to your websiteS Links to content send customers to your website

    S Conversion rates are nearly six times higher for those using content compared to those that dont

    S Become a resource for customersS Customers seek you out for information builds trust

  • Why content is king

    S AffordableS Creating content takes time, but research shows its 62%

    cheaper than other marketing options

    S Customers crave contentS 80% of consumers want to learn about a business through

    content, but want to do it on their own time

    S Content is highly shareable S Customers do the marketing for you on social

  • Types of content


    S Numbered ListsS Create lists that offer tips or tricks

    S Business: Photography studioS Top 10 Photography Tips for Amateurs

    S Business: Storage companyS 5 Tricks to Unclutter Your Closet

  • Types of content

    S How-to articlesS Explain to customers how to do something, may offer step-by-

    step instructions or at least specific directions

    S Business: Online educationS How to evaluate an online course

    S Business: Graphic designS How to find the best graphic designer to fit your budget

  • Types of content

    S Product or brand education

    S Teach consumers specifics about your product or brand

    S Business: Specialty pet storeS What you should know to care for pets with allergies

    S Business: Kitchen supply companyS How to clean Corelle dishes

    S Business: Cause-based shoe store (think Toms)S Why we help kids in need

  • Types of content

    S Infographics

    S a visual story

    S 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

    S DIY sites: Canva, Piktochart

  • Writing Tips To Create Craveable Content

    S Valuable information S Dont sell a product solve a problem

    S Conversational toneS Keeps readers engaged

    S Write timely content (Holidays, seasons, national events, etc.)

  • Writing Tips To Create Craveable Content

    S Make content long enough to accomplish a takeaway for the reader

    S Links to other internal content or website pagesS Keep customers engaged by adding hyperlinked text where it

    makes sense

    S Add a touch of sales copy that promotes your business at the end with a call to action

  • Where content lives

    S Once content is created, where do you put it?S Blog

    S Website

    S LinkedIn Publishing Platform

    S Put it directly into an email

  • Distribution via email

    S New content email

    S When new article is published, let subscribers know by sending an email

    S Provide teaser or description of content

    S Clear call to action button

  • Distribution via email

    S Newsletter

    S Collection of several articles

    S Tease each one and provide separate links or calls to action

    S Add images

  • Distribution via email

    S Put text right in an email

    S Entire piece of content goes in an email

    S Add call to action

  • Distribution via email

    S Tease an infographic

    S Give customers a quick look at a recently made infographic

    S Explain what it highlights

    S Add call to action

  • Distribution on social

    S Dont forget to promote your content on your social channels tooS Just like with email, give fans a teaser or brief description of

    the article and the link

    S Or pull a statistic or fun fact from the article and use that to entice fans to read it

    S Encourage fans to comment and share it

  • Writing Tips to Create Craveable Emails

    S Spend time on your subject lineS Tease content dont use words like newsletter or article

    S Focus on the fact that its new, fresh content

    S Use urgent languageS Get subscribers to read content as soon as they open the email

    use words or phrases like now read it today

  • Writing Tips to Create Craveable Emails

    S Call to action wording short two to three words inside button

    S Dont get wordy be concise

    S Proofread it use tools Grammarly or PolishMyWriting

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