How to get leads on twitter

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Are you having trouble figuring out how to get leads on twitter? A few weeks ago I began my journey into the


  • 1. How to get leads on Twitter A narrative journey on how I am generating leads on twitter every single day

2. Keep it short 110 characters on average allows followers to add a response in a retweet The more often your followers retweet, the more people will see your message and follow you too 3. TWEET While the Sun is Shining Tweet while theyre awake. Most users are online between 8 AM and 7 PM Think all time zones when submitting tweets. (i.e. tailor message to specific times in specific zones) 4. Dont Let The Weekend Make Your Tweets End Weekend tweets can often carry a higher engagement rate. (replys/retweets/favorites) Tweet more about what you are doing not what you want them to do Share lifestyle related tweets rather than business solicited tweets 5. Draw Me (In) Like One Of Your French Girls Use images in your tweets. Your messages will be more noticeable in your followers feed Gain attention to your tweets with bright colored borders on images BONUS: Twitter supports animated GIF images as of August 8, 2014 6. Ask and ye shall receive (sort of) Asking for retweets can increase engagement Spelling out retweet will gain a higher conversion than just RT in your tweets 7. Dont be such a NAG DO NOT constantly ask for retweets. Only use this approach 20% of the time. If you find yourself tweeting out the same theme of messages or duplicate messages, YOU WILL LOSE FOLLOWERS 8. #CornedBeef Hashtags Limit hashtags to only 2 per tweet Use relevant hashtags related to your niche or company to increase your message reach Hashtags can help your target audience see your tweets 9. Link it All Up Include links on about 20% of your tweets Again, mix up the links you use. You do not want to sound spammy 10. You are what you tweet Avoid these words: work, home, tired, tomorrow, bored, bed and sleep Include these words: please, retweet, help, follow, how to and how