How to Get Started With Instagram Ads

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Its been a long wait for Instagram Ads.Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, digital marketers were keen to see how the platform would integrate with Facebooks kickass Ad suite.Facebook recently announced that Instagram ad placements have been unlocked for all interested advertisers in Power Editor.This means you have yet another powerful social media marketing tool you can use to expand your business reach.But just in case you are wondering how useful Instagram is going to be for your overall advertising plan, its important to know that the platform hosts over 400 million monthly active users.More, so there are over 80 million photos shared and 3.5 billion likes daily.That is immense potential for increasing your engagement through a visual social media platform thats growing increasingly popular.Understand Instagram AdsSince Facebook owns Instagram, the new ads will align perfectly with your existing Facebook Ads campaigns.At 7 Figure Automation, we like to think of Instagram Ads as an expansion to your existing audience network. And heres the best part you wont have to adjust your current advertising efforts to the paint points of a new social media networkFacebook already makes the integration seamless for you.You can use Instagram ad placements to increase clicks to specific pages on your website, boost your mobile app installs, as well as get more relevant views for your video.Follow the 4 easy steps in the following slides to get started using Instagram ads for your business.#1 Connect Instagram to FacebookTake the first step by connecting your Instagram account to Facebook.This is a prerequisite in order to be able to create your Instagram ads in Facebooks Power Editor.Navigate to your businesss Facebook page and hit on the Settings option located on the top-right corner.Click Instagram Ads from the menu that appears in the left column.Hit the Add an Account button in the Instagram Ads screen that appears.You can either use an existing Instagram account, or create a brand new one. Select the appropriate option from the Connect an Instagram Account for Advertising screen. If you chose the Create a new account option, you can do so within Facebook. Simply select a username for the Instagram account and key in your email address. Click Confirm once done.Login to the email address you provided and follow the instructions to set a password. Your new Instagram account will now be connected to your Facebook pageYoull be able to show the same Ads you created for Facebook on Instagram!#2 Select Your Ad TypeFacebook provides three ad objectives for Instagram Ads: website clicks, mobile app installs and video views (for videos up to 30 seconds long).Set up image, video or carousel ads for Instagram. Image ads are the most basic and they feature a standard photo equipped with a call to action button. Video ads use a video instead of an image, while Carousel ads include a number of images that users can browse.Choose the right option based on the intent of your Instagram marketing campaign.#3 Configure the Targeting OptionsMost of the targeting options you leverage for Facebook ads are available for Instagram ads as well. That means you can fine tune your audience based on their interests, actions, behavior, location and demographics.Simplify configure targeting options for your Instagram Ads the same way you do it for Facebook Ads. You can get started with three basic targeting options: age, gender and location.This is an important step so keep your eyes open. You want to make sure that your advertising message gets to the right people, so that you can see high ROI for your advertisement efforts.Simply put, the trick is to create compelling Ad content then fine-tune your audience so your ads get seen by the right group!#4 Optimize Your Instagram Adsa) Leverage Visuals!!Instagram is an increasingly popular visual social network. To make sure that your ads hit the bulls eye, you want to make good use of attention-grabbing visuals that will make people stop to look as they scroll down the page.Consider capturing top-quality, real photos for your campaign. If this will not suffice, hire a professional photographer or illustrator through a freelancing platform such as Fiverr or Upwork to get it done for you.Use text within your visual to lead people to the action you want them to take.b) Hashtags!!Hashtags are a solid component for many social media networks today, more so Instagram.!You can increase the reach of your Instagram posts and Ads by mastering the use of appropriate hashtags. These also give you the opportunity to create a connection between your brand and other people whore using similar hashtags.ConclusionInstagram is a mobile app. Thus, your ads can be placed on mobile devices. Instagram ads give you the power to engage your audience in a whole new way. Facebooks seamless integration with Instagram all the same makes this more accomplishable.By leveraging the right advertising content, targeting a specific audience and following a solid engagement strategy, you can drive results for your brand and really stand out on the photo-sharing social network!Was This Useful?Subscribe to our channel and click the links below for more resources to help you take action!WATCH!MORE