How to launch a successful social media campaign

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How to Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign

How to Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign Visit to create a free account.

Some people seem to have a never-ending supply of creative, out-of-the-box ideas. Theyre always coming up with new campaigns in meetings, delivering creatives that wow the entire office, and dreaming up innovative ways to reach the right audience.These people are inspiring, but the reality is, even they get stuck every now and again. If youre in a social media marketing rut, or you just need a boost to your brainstorming power, here are ways to generate fresh new ideas for your next social campaign:

Check out the competitionWhat the competition is up to on social media can be the source of great new ideas for your next campaign.One of the benefits of social media is its transparency you can easily gain full insight into what your competitors are up to. Not only can you view all of the content they produce, with a little creative thinking you can discover the keywords theyre targeting, audience(s) they are speaking to, and how successful their efforts have been.

Do your keyword researchSEO doesnt have to be all about data. Why not use the principles of search to brainstorm your next campaign?You can either use Google and feed it a few keywords to start yourself off, or try using Twitter and exploring popular hashtags and keywords used by your audience. If you go the Google route, pay attention to the content topics that bloggers, journalists and content creators have produced around your chosen keyword. Can you add anything of value to the conversation? Likewise on Twitter, try searching for the popular terminology that your audience uses and explore the related sentiment, opinions and articles shared.

Leverage social intelligenceUltimately, your social media campaigns are aimed at improving engagement, reach, sentiment or other factors among your target audience so why not use data about them in your next brainstorm?What do you know about their online browsing behaviors? Their likes and dislikes? Their position within the buyers journey? Social intelligence can provide you with insight into what your audience wants, which you can then use to fuel a killer social campaign.

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