How to use Social Media Effectively For Crowdfunding Campaigns

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How to Use Social Media for Crowdfunding CampaignsHow to Use Social Media for Crowdfunding CampaignsImage1Image of dreamwalletsImage of crowdfundingWhat is Crowdfunding?Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors.It's means of funding that allows individuals to make their ideas a reality with the power of the crowd.The funding campaign are conducted online through crowdfunding sites like Dreamwallets.Types of crowdfundingSocial Media Channels for the ProjectChoose the platform on which you have most number of followers.Track the platform which is used by the people of your community.Tag People who have influence in your community.Use Hashtag For Your CampaignCreate and use a unique hashtag for your campaign and use it on all of your social media posts.Use of hashtags allows people to find your posts quickly and learn more about your campaign.The use of hashtags allows you to organize your posts on a single page. You should also encourage the supporters and backers to use hashtags in their social media posts which makes it easier to track the number of people who are talking about your campaign.Be careful when creating the hashtag for your campaign, your campaigns hashtag should be unique, eye-catchy and short.Image Leverage Community Through FacebookYour Facebook community gives you the advantage to meet new users through existing followers.Your Facebook Community page can be the best place to share news about your campaign so that they can share it and promote it further.You can also create an event and share it on Facebook which will make your task easierExpress your gratitude with your community that will build a stronger following.By boosting your post you can quickly reach to friends of friends or people with interest in your campaign.Choose The Right ContentTo drive the social visibility and awareness, use a great mix of informative social media posts.Most of your social media posts should educate people about your idea and campaign.These kinds of posts have most engagement and shares, and people love to like and come back to your page more often.Image Track Result And Refine ContentStart by creating one week of content that can be used across all of your social channels.Review and monitor the performance of each social media post.Based on which posts perform the best, tweak your content to get the most impact.Image Publicize Your CampaignFor publicizing your campaign, it is quite important to reach out to journalists and request them to publish a pitch about your crowdfunding campaign.Twitter is the most supportive social media network that is widely used by the writers so you can find them quickly.Whenever you are reaching out to the reporters, make sure that you have a well-written story and then follow them on twitter and try to create a relationship.Be careful in your pitches, keep them short and link to your crowdfunding campaign or a short story with the hash tag so that the journalist can find the complete information about your campaign.Image Conclusion Social Media is the most effective and important part of the success of the crowdfunding campaigns.Concentrate on creating attractive content and focus on educating the people on social media so that you can quickly reach new audiences.Thank you