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INSTAGRAM MARKETINGVisual storytelling and beyondPOLIARTE | DESIGN SCHOOLDANIEL CASARINFACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN | 345 5755352Table of contents A data-driven life Visual storytelling scenario Based activities Influencer marketing Instagram advertising Continuous improvement Beyond InstagramVideo 60 Second Clips View Counts Channels Live Stream Instagram Stories StickersMedia Pinch & Zoom Instagram GalleriesPlatform Algorithm Changes New UI Save postseCommerce Buy Buttons Shop Now FeaturesInstagrams Busy 2016A Data-driven life...Number of monthly active users (in millions)Regional distribution of desktop traffic to Instagram as of February 2017, by countryNumber of daily active Instagram users from October 2016 to January 2017 (in millions)Number of users in the US from 2015 to 2020Leading fashion brands ranked by number of Instagram followers as of February 2017Monthly follower growth of brand Instagram profiles from January to December 201675%of Instagrammers take action after being inspired by a post.90Mphotos shared everyday.200Mpeople now use Instagram Stories every day.Visual storytelling scenario94%Articles that contain images get 94% more view than articles without.increase resolution19UnicitOgni azienda costruita in modo differente. Le variabili sono: il settore, dimensione e ciclo-vita delle commesse, il target di acquirenti, ecc.A whole lot of video...Based activities21Create an identityStart pointKey points Having a clear vision of objectives and strategy High consistency Be familiar with your followers Having a style guideStart pointKey activities1. Profile optimization2. Create an editorial plan3. Define time plan4. Measure performanceDescriptionProfile imageLinkBusiness profileContent plan1. Composition2. Color palette3. Font4. Filters5. Caption6. HashtagIncrease followersHashtagContent planTactics Brand storytelling Use Instagram models Cross-promotion with stakeholder Use analytics to identify content that generate more interaction Drive users in the conversion funnel Mix video & photos Use Instagram StoriesContent planTips1. Use content generated by users (Repost)2. Include faces in the post3. Share the best post from Instagram to Facebookauthenticity | relevance | consistency | engagementReal conversations its the best way to increase followers and love for your brand.Influencer marketingInfluencer marketing statsContent MarketingContent is at the center of the value exchange between business and buyer.Jesse Noyes, KapostInfluencer StrategyIncorporating influencers in your content facilitates reaching news audience with brand messages that are credible and trusted.TopRank Marketingsmaller influencer | target audience | high engagementInstagram advertisingSHOP NOW INSTALL NOW SIGN UP LEARN MOREFormatInstagram < - > FacebookFacebook target audienceContinuous improvementContinuous improvement thourgh Agile processPLANBACKLOG PRIORITIZEEXECUTEMEASUREPeriodic A/B Test Full funnel approach campaignsAlign campaignsBeyond InstagramLaterPublishingRepostPublishingFollowMeterAnalytics & marketingIconosquareAnalytics & marketingCanva TyporamaDesign editingQuik Videorama MagistoVideo editingGrazie!Domande?DANIEL CASARINFACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN | 345 5755352