Instagram & Social Media Marketing

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the importance of Instagram as a Social Media Marketing tool

What is Instagram?A photo and video sharing applicationIn 2012, purchased by Facebook bot $1 billionOffers direct messaging feature600 million monthly active users3.5 billion photos liked every dayUtilized by many celebrities and companies in terms of social media marketing90% of users under age 35

Why Instagram?Can tell a visual story about the brandCan connect account to FacebookCan reach consumers while theyre on the moveVisual-based marketing -- new product launch, videos, and behind the scenes contentCan keep track of analyticsPromotes products to a core demographicCan share customer photographs

How to Use Instagram?Use hashtags in photo captions to drive more users to the brand profileMake a username that embodies brand nameInclude links to drive traffic to the websiteUtilize filters to create a brand aestheticCreate contests for followersWrite detailed captions

Successful Instagram Marketing

Company LogoCompany description with link in bio. Links to various social platformsVibrant content, combination of photos and videos

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