Persuasion eats Advertising for Breakfast - an exploration of the future of advertising

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Lecture by Astrid Groenewegen at the Sanoma Mediaparade 2014 on how thinking on persuasion design could transform the way we think about advertising.


PERSUASION EATS ADVERTISING FOR BREAKFAST! an exploration of the future of advertising THE SALES FUNNEL IS DEAD Digital is a revolution in choice and buying behavior not in media CopyrightMcKinsey THE TAKE-AWAY The value an agency represents is not creativity or creative communications, but the know-how of inuencing choice and buying behavior. Therefore agencies need to work with all the ingredients of the business model: the way a product feels, the way we fuel consumer excitement and word-of-mouth and the way we improve the conversion path in general. One of the most interesting questions today for agencies will become: can we our creativity have added value in inuencing choice and behavior? CREATIVE COMMUNICATION VERSUS BEHAVIORAL DESIGN BEHAVIORIAL DESIGN MODEL Persuasion is putting hot triggers in the path of motivated people CopyrightBJFogg WE AS ADVERTISING INDUSTRY TEND TO OVERESTIMATE THE ROLE OF MOTIVATION IN CHANGING AND INFLUENCING BEHAVIOUR AMAZON VS BEST BUY The winning power of Amazon is not e-commerce as such, but service design on ability HIVOS LASER GUN Making behavior more fun instead of convincing on arguments TOILET DESIGN Trigger behavior ITS NOT ABOUT BIG IDEAS ITS ABOUT SMALL IDEAS SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF ! Rory Sutherland DESIGN FOR EXCITEMENT Build conversation into the product to promote sharing DESIGN FOR PERSUASION People use shortcuts that directly inuence behavior DESIGN FOR VALUE PERCEPTION People can only understand relative value not absolute value BUSINESS IDEAS FROM THE LEAST EXPECTED PLAYERS WILL DISRUPT YOUR BUSINESS FASTER THAN ADVERTISING CAN SAVE IT ! Rei Inamoto, AKQA DISRUPTIVE START-UPS AirBNB is designed around boosters and barriers DISRUPTIVE PRODUCTS Integrating service design into products DISRUPTIVE REACH Using lters as the new reach building and customer service as brand building DISRUPTIVE BUSINESS MODELS Inventing business models for the connected world BaconsprinklesonKickstarter DISRUPTIVE SERVICE DESIGN The next revolution will be psychological, not technological (Rory Sutherland) STRATEGY IS NOTHING MORE BUT AN INTERESTING HYPOTHESIS THAT CAN BE VALIDATED OR REJECTED BY DATA ! THE ART OF FAILING FORWARD The lessons we learned from our own start-up Salon Dsir ( THINK LIKE A START-UP Finding a plan that works before the money runs out BECOME A MAKER Creativity and strategy should merge, the best strategy is found through creativity CopyrightHerbKelleher WE SHOULD BE OBSESSED BY SMART IDEAS INSTEAD OF ORIGINAL IDEAS CONVERSION DOESNT KILL CREATIVITY ! DIGITAL IS NOT A DESTINATION Its not the website, its the social object. 90% of shopping decisions are made outside the website DESIGN FOR CONVERSION Develop audiences through content, convert into contact, convert into buyers THREE AREAS YOU SHOULD MASTER TODAY ! 1. BEHAVORIAL DESIGN Learn about persuasion and behavioral economics 2. LEAN START-UP Executing strategy and achieving failure vs. experimenting, optimizing and discovering a business model 3. GAME DESIGN Start to understand game design is not about playfulness, but interesting choices gamication-and-its-discontents v=6Hafzkwdwho (Dutch) THANK YOU! ! ASTRID GROENEWEGEN Co-founder and Creative Director SUE Amsterdam Creative agency for Smart Campaigning ! @astridgr LinkedIn: Astrid Groenewegen +31-654743782 ! Columnist for AmsterdamAdblog Jury president SpinAwards Co-founder & Creative Director Co-founder & Creative Director ! Ofce: Koestraat 5b, 1012 BW Amsterdam ! The secrets of persuasion and other stuff that fascinates us can be found in SUEs bi-weekly A mail named SUE subscribe via ! ! !


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