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  • 1. ISIS HUNG | MEDIA INNOVATIONS | 11.13.13Pinterest Advertising

2. WHY SO IMPORTANT?Something Marketers Need to Know About Focuses on showcasing things Women, household spending decision makers Accounts for 23% of global e-commerce sales in the 2nd quarter of 2013 Average order value for Pinterest referrals to e-commerce site is $80 3. PINTEREST ADVERTISINGPromoted Pins are tasteful" and "transparent, saidCEO Ben Silbermann 4. MORE ABOUT PROMOTED PINSFeatures ofPromoted Pins Relevant Promoted Pins appear after keyword search Blend in rather seamlessly with the rest of the (non-paid) pins on a page 5. PINTEREST UNVEILS PROMOTED PINS 6. EFFECTIVENESS OF PROMOTED PINSWillPromoted Pins be an effective advertising tool? Wont greatly affect user experience = More accepted by users Provide relevant results = Great information for users Hard to tell they exist = Users wont ignore ads intentionally 7. DISCUSSION From this weeks article When SNA delivered content or impressions that provided entertainment or informational value or offered social value, consumers appeared?more likely to respond favorably toward the ad (Taylor et al., 2011). How do you think Pinterest advertisers can utilize this knowledge to make their ads more favorable to users?