Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Business

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Get Started: PinterestOnline Marketing StrategiesWhat is Pinterest?is the worlds catalog of ideas. Why use Pinterest for marketing?#1It influences purchases #2Its a sizable platform to reach audiences #3Get more referral traffic to your site#4Free marketing from fans#5Longer product exposure#6Boost sales#7Widen product exposure#8Discover what your audience wants38 Pinterest Strategies for your business 1. Write a good brand description 2. Add your website in the description3. Verify your accountLets pinners know youre trustworthyAdd logo for verified accounts4. Create different boards1. Come up with different boardsBoards are composed of Pins5. Add descriptions for each boards & pins6. Make boards organized/in sync7. Add pins to your boards8. Use high quality images9. Use an image ratio of 2:310. Optimize colors11. Create vertical image or step-by-step image12. Use infographics13. Use text overlays to provide clarity to an image14. Pin consistently Pin consistently but limit to a number per day15. Add watermark or logo to imagesTargets Logo is added in every pin16. Check the link attached to an image from a websiteThe link should redirect to the website once the image is clicked17. Create Visit button to redirect to the website 18. Share other peoples contentRepinothers PinsRepin from another websites pins19. Add guest pinnersGuest pinner for Etsy 20. Let other pinners contribute to your board21. Collaborate with influencers to generated buzzTarget collaborated with Pinterest influencer Oh Joy22. Follow like-minded pinners and influencers23. Like pins and boards24. Know your nicheAll about avocados25. Pin images connected with your nichePost only images related to your niche 26. Promote campaigns/ads27. Pin what audiences like with your brand28. Sell a Lifestyle29. Pin images of customers using your product30. Show off your work31. Install Pinterest extension to your own website32. Add Pin It button to your websitePin it button allows people to Pin directly from your website33. Add Pinterest Follow button in your websiteWebsite Follow button Lets people follow you on Pinterest34. Pin directly from your website35. Run a contestLet other people share your content36. Use Post Rich PinsRich Pins include extra information right on the Pin itself36.1 Place Pins include a map, address, and phone number Add location and other information about a place36.2 Apps Pins include install buttonPinners can download the app without leaving Pinterest36.3 Product Pins include real time pricing, availability and buy locationHelp Pinners find information on things you sell36.4 Recipe Pins includes ingredients, cooking time and serving infoGet Pinners excited to hit the kitchen36.4 Article Pins include headline, author and description Help Pinners save stories that matter to them36.5 Movie Pins include ratings, cast members and reviews Help Pinners learn about new flicks37. Engage with your audience/customers38. Measure and analyze your marketing strategies using AnalyticsWe dont have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.- Eric QualmanThanks!Ivy T.Virtual