Pinterest Now: 5 HOT Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

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1. PinterestNowHOTPinterestTips forBloggers 5 2. 1. Create a Pinterestboard for each of yourblogsAdd graphics toyour posts, thenpin each post 3. 2. Use keywords in yourboard and pin titles, anddescriptionsSEOcounts 4. 3. Email your pins:screen-grab pins and addthem to mailings to your listIt works forPinterests ownmailings! (If youdont have alist, create one) 5. 4. Images and more images:create ten to 20 images perpromotionPost on several ofyour boards, ondifferent days, andat various times ofthe day 6. 5. Promote yourboards on yourblogAnd on socialmedia: cross-promote 7. Good luck...Join me me for writing,blogging and socialmedia inspiration.