Useful Tips For App Store Optimization (ASO)

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ASOApp Store Optimization

Why We Need App Store OptimizationWith over 2 million mobile apps in the major app stores, getting your app discovered is one of the biggest issues facing mobile app publishers today. If you have develop an app they your tasks not over, the main task is now to engage users.Most of all app are discovered by search than any other method.The higher your app ranks in an app stores search results, the more visible it is to potential customers. That increased visibility of your app and improve more traffic to your apps page in the app store. The goal of ASO is to drive more traffic to your apps page in the app store.

What are the mechanics of ASO? Lets start with main factor that can effect your ASO:App Title

App Description

App Icon

App Screenshot

App Category

App Keywords

Lets discuss the first factor of ASO App TitleThe keywords that are most important to you should come into App Name.It always use appropriate keywords to rank higher in store. After the icon of app the users will see the name or title so title should be impressive. Users will only see 30-50 characters of app title so use short and catchy title and words of title work as keywords. These keywords more useful than actual keywords.

Second is App Description Here is 4000 character limit on description for Apple App Store & Google Play Store.The intro lines are whats shown to users before they click More to expand the description at the fold. Show your best writing skills so users decides whether nor not to install your app. Thats why stuffing your content with keywords, thus creating catchy keyword description is important for ASO.

Third is App IconMake sure your icon is, well, iconic. It should do more than give users a send of what the app is all about.Your product icon can make or break your success so make sure your icon or logo must be clearly & creatively that express your app.For business apps, keep the icon consistent with the rest of your business logos, colors and style.For games, make sure your icon reflects a key element of your game.

Fourth is App ScreenshotDisplay some eye-catching screenshots of your app in action.Give clear & detailed screenshots of your app & highlights all the best parts of your app with multiple screen shots.The app store allows you to upload 5 screenshots of your app. Be sure to use every single one.You can add some simple text or additional graphics to your screenshots.

Fifth is App CategoryChoosing the right category for your app will influence your ranking for that specific arena.Choose the right category based not only on what is most relevant, but also based on the level of competition and generated revenue.In addition to the primary category, Apple introduced sub categories as part of the iOS 8, which divide the App store into micro segments and allow developers to rank highly in specific fields.

Last is App KeywordsThe keyword field in iOS is a 100 character field which you can use to tell iTunes search for which keywords you should show up.Focus on relevancy, search volume and difficulty. Dont use multiple word phrases; break out to individual words.Dont repeat the keywords that are already in your title separate your keywords by commas but do not use spaces.

Conclusion ASO is the largest discovery channel which is available for your app and not using it to increase the search ranking of your app means that you are missing out on a vital means increase traffic. App store searches account for more than 63% of apps that are discovered by potential clients. Improving your ASO week after week will result in a better app ranking and more download rate.

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