Website Development for Crowdfunding Campaign / Roadmap to Success or Failure

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WEBSITE DEVELOPMENTFOR CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGNRoadmap to success or failureMAIRIS SKUJAMaster creators of web pages, large scale e-commerce projects, web based information systems, mobile and social media applicationsYEARS+5001515PROJECTSCOUNTRIESExperience in Web Solutionsfor Crowdfunding CampaignsLatvia Finland1.3 M USD 116 T USDKickstarter IndiegogoFixed fundingFlexible fundingTABLE OF CONTENTSWORKPLEASURE TOWITHCritical components of your campaign Campaign stages and your website Rule of the thumb1.2.3.1.CRITICAL COMPONENTSOF YOUR CAMPAIGNCRITICAL COMPONENTS OF YOUR CAMPAIGN1. Ambition, Courage & Commitment 2. Know-How & Experience 3. Right Team 4. Clear Game Plan 5. Readiness to Iterate & Change FastCRITICAL COMPETENCES OF THE TEAMYOURPRODUCT& MARKETWEB MARKETING& PRPARTNERS, SPONSORS & FRIENDSWEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT1 2 3 42.CAMPAIGN STAGESAND YOUR WEBSITEMATURITYSTAGECAMPAIGN STAGESAND YOUR WEBSITEPRODUCT WEBSITE(Current version)PRE-CAMPAIGN WEBSITE(Soft-Launch)CAMPAIGNWEBSITE(Hard-Launch)POST-CAMPAIGNWEBSITE(Feedback, Marketing &Pre-Orders)1 2 3 45STAGE 1: PRODUCT WEBSITEPRODUCT WEBSITE(Current version)1 KEY MESSAGESTEAMBENEFITS & FEATURESCONTACTSSOCIALMEDIALINKSFOCUS:EARLY STAGE FINANCING & DEVELOPMENTSTORYPRE-CAMPAIGN WEBSITE(Soft-Launch)2STAGE 2: PRE-CAMPAIGNFOCUS:E-MAIL DATABASE & SUPPORTERS ACQUISITIONKEY MESSAGESSTORYTEAMBENEFITS & FEATURESCONTACTSSOCIAL MEDIALINKSPARTNERS & SUPPORTERSSUBSCRIPTIONCAMPAIGNWEBSITE(Hard-Launch)3STAGE 3: CAMPAIGNFOCUS:REACHING CAMPAIGN GOALKEY MESSAGESSTORY+ TimelineTEAMBENEFITS & FEATURESBUZZ+ Media Coverage SOCIAL MEDIALINKSPARTNERS & SUPPORTERSCAMPAIGN INFORMATION+ Call To ActionCONTACTS+ Media info+ FeedbackPOST- CAMPAIGNWEBSITE(Feedback, Marketing &Pre-Orders)4STAGE 2: POST-CAMPAIGNFOCUS:KEEPING PROMISES TO FOUNDERS, GIVING FEEDBACK + PRE-ORDERSKEY MESSAGESSTORY& TIMELINETEAMBENEFITS & FEATURES SOCIAL MEDIALINKSPARTNERS & SUPPORTERSPRE-ORDERSCONTACTSMEDIA (RELATIONS)FEEDBACKTO FOUNDERS & COMMUNITY3.RULE OF THE THUMBRULE OF THE THUMB1. Keyword research (do your homework) 2. SEO focus for copywrite 3. Exceptionally structured content 4. Social media for both - SEO and Engagement 5. Human readable URLs20 THINGS FOR CREATING SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT WEBSITERULE OF THE THUMB6. META tags: Title & Description 7. Sitemap & Internal links 8. URL redirects across site versions 9. Off-page SEO is must 10. First impression20 THINGS FOR CREATING SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT WEBSITERULE OF THE THUMB11. Consistency in Design 12. Realism in Design 13. Understandable Navigation 14. Clear signals (form / function) 15. Accessablity (screens / devices & standards) 20 THINGS FOR CREATING SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT WEBSITERULE OF THE THUMB16. Clear messages 17. Content value (uniqueness) 18. Understandability (language & wording used) 19. Trust (team, partners bigger than you, ) 20. Close the deal (CTAs)20 THINGS FOR CREATING SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT WEBSITEMAIRIS SKUJAskype: +371 29165581WORKPLEASURE TOWITH