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PowerPoint Presentation

Marketing to Millennials (from a Millennial)

Who are Millennials?Understanding their mindsetConsumer behaviorHow to reach them with your marketing

Discussion Topics

General consensus anyone born between the early 1980s and late 1990s. 27% of the entire populationLargest share of the voting populationOfficially the largest share of the workforce.

Who Are We?


How do YOU see Millennials?

Lazy and Entitled Sheltered Too PCOverly idealistic Too connected Afraid of commitment Rude and ungrateful No real life skills IrresponsibleCommon Criticisms

Millennials are highly ambitious, but view work differentlyMore focused on output than time clockedLeave jobs to advance career 91% stay in a job less than 3 yearsMillennials are workaholics Make up 43% of work martyrsLess likely to take time offCivic Minded More likely to care about social justice, environment, civic duty, etc.


Digitally nativeBecause thats the world we were raised inChildren of the recession Didnt lose jobs, but shaped our worldviewNaturally skeptical The Internet taught us to question everythingOur world is transparentWe can fact check on the fly

So what does this have to do with marketing?


Millennials Are Basically Hippogriffs

Dont trust advertisingThey trust each other more than your business93% of Millennials have made a purchase based on recommendations from friends and familyCrave authenticitySkeptical of big businessWant a relationshipQuality over quantityLess than half consider price the number one factor when making a purchaseHeavy focus on customer service68% of millennials will stop doing business w/ a company because of bad customer serviceMillennial Consumer Behavior

Heavily digital 65% of millennials say brand interaction begins online.More likely to watch YouTube than regular TVUse search engines before calling customer service Mobile First87% of Millennials have their phones at all timesOver half search for a local business on their smartphone. 82% check their phones for more info before making an in-store purchaseSocially conscious91% of Millennials will switch to a brand associated with a good cause

Millennial Consumer Behavior

Not about which platform you use, but how you use itHowever, traditional ads, banner ads, cold calls, and even cold emails are out.Successful Millennial marketing isEngagedAuthenticRelevantSocially conscious Marketing to Millennials

Golden Rule of Millennial Marketing:Its not about selling the product, its about selling your brand. We already know why we need a product. Your job is to tell us why we should buy it from you. Who are you?What do you stand for?Why do you exist?Why do you care about me?

Marketing to Millennials

Utilizing content is THE best way to bring authenticity to your brand. Blogs/How-ToVideos/VlogsInstagram/SnapchatThink beyond advertising. Tell a storyExample: Restaurants/Farmers MarketFocus not on the food, but where the food comes from, how its grown, how its made, recipes with the food. M2M: Content

BIG WINNERRelated to Influencer marketingAny content created by users of an online system or serviceMillennials trust a users opinionEncourages customers to share their experience with othersUsed as a competitionOffers prizeWinning content is re-packaged for future campaigns.M2M: User Generated Content

User Generated Content Ex.Share Your Love StoryWhite Cup Challenge

ALL of your marketing needs to be mobile friendlyResponsive websiteMobile-optimized emailsHave an appMillennials spend 90 hours per-month using smartphone apps. Greatly increases brand loyaltyStrong SEO is a mustWe Google everythingEnsures relevancy

M2M: Mobile & SEO