Better UX & Better Revenue with Linkify on your mobile app/site

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1. Studio Ousia Better UX & Better Revenue with Linkify on your mobile app/site 2. What is Linkify? 3. 1. Better UX: Simplify mobile search 2. Better Revenue: Monetize text contents Linkify is a SDK that gives you 4. 1. Better UX Simplify mobile search 5. Mobile search is important and is rapidly increasing 6. - Select Text - Copy Text - Open Browser - Tap Search Box - Paste Text Looking Up Words Now Way too much trouble 7. - Tap Link Looking Up Words with Linkify Simple as that 8. 1. Our state of the art AI selects interesting keywords 2. Keywords are turned into links ready to be tapped 3. Users can look up words without leaving app/site How We Do Better UX 9. 2. Better Revenue Monetize text contents 10. Monetization Now Mainly banner ads, Text content is not monetized Ad Limited and often irrelevant Ad 11. Monetization with Linkify Text contents generate links to afliates and sponsored searches Unlimited and yet relevant 12. 1. Links show users widgets with search engines 2. Developers can use Amazon Associates or Google Adsense to monetize based on the text How We Do Better Revenue 13. [webView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:@"(function() {" "if (!window.linkifyLoaded) {" "var d = document;" "var s = d.createElement('script');" "s.type = 'text/javascript';" "s.src = '';" "d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);" "window.linkifyLoaded = true;" "}" "})()" ]; Sample iOS code Linkify is easy to implement just insert a few lines of code 14. Java for Android Objective-C for iOS JavaScript for Titanium and HTML pages Linkify Is Available On Many Platforms 15. Linkify is customizable change links & widgets to t your app/site 16. Linkify Team 17. We Make Linkify Ikuya Yamada Co-founder, CTO Yasuhiro Watanabe Co-founder Tomotaka Ito Software Engineer Ayae Hirata Marketing Director Shin Usami Software Engineer Shinsuke Takagi Software Engineer 18. Get Started Now! Or Contact Us At Thank You!