Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App.

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Slide 1Internet and Device AdoptionAmong the US population:Internet adoption increased from ~58% in the 2000s to ~88% in 2016Smartphone use has risen from ~35% in 2011 to ~77% in 2016Tablet usage has increased from ~3% in 2010 to ~51% in 2016Mobile App UsageIn 2016:US adults spent close to 2 hours a day interacting with mobile appsOf the non-voice time spent on phone, ~86% was spent accessing apps, while only ~14% was spent surfing the netWhy Mobile App Usage Has GrownCompared to mobile browsing, mobile apps:Are more easily accessible Can be launched faster Provide more focused interactivityHave a greater degree of functionalityCan integrate with the devices other apps Why More Companies Invest in Mobile Apps 90% of companies estimated to have increased their mobile app investment in 201647% of small businesses are expected to invest in mobile apps in 2017Main Reasons for Investing in Mobile AppsAutomate certain business processes (37%) Completely transform the business (35%)Make web-based processes more mobile friendly (24%)According to Red Hats Mobile Maturity Survey, the objectives for investing in mobile apps were to:Benefits of Mobile Apps to CompaniesImprove coordination: Sharing of real-time information within the team, interactive reportingBoost profits: More efficient processes, less manual intervention, fewer errorsWith a mobile app, companies can: Build a stronger brand: Constant visibility, foster trust, educate customers, stand out from the competition7Mobile Apps Improve Customer Experience Connect better with customers: Have regular interactions, garner feedback, collate data, inform users of new products and offersConnect in different ways with customers: Push notifications, social networkingProvide more value to customers: Offer information, address queriesChoose the Right Mobile App for Your BusinessMobileTek Classic: Equip your mobile workforce with essential tools to meet the growing demands of shippers.MobileTek Web: Designed for carriers that perform local on-demand deliveries. Choose the Right Mobile App for Your BusinessMobileTek RS (Receive Scan): Scan packages at the time they are received at your dock. MobileTek DE (Distribution Express): Optimize and simplify deliveries in a distribution environment.Choose the Right Mobile App for Your BusinessVantage Point: For customizable and interactive reporting to executives on the go.hyperSHIP: Let customers easily place and track orders with you.Need the Perfect Mobile App?Visit: www.mobiletek.comCall: (732) 409-606812