Animals Count: a Political Party for People and Animals

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1. Animals Count:A Political Party for People and Animals Dr Andrew Knight Spokesperson 2. Founding of the Dutch‘Party for the Animals’• Political Party for the Animalsestablished…


1. Animals Count:A Political Party for People and Animals Dr Andrew Knight Spokesperson 2. Founding of the Dutch‘Party for the Animals’• Political Party for the Animalsestablished in Oct. 2002, whenparliament fell• 3 months to prepare for elections in Jan2003 with no budget, resources andhardly any campaigning• Result: almost one seat in Parliament(>49,000 votes, 153,000 votes) • % of votes would have resulted in 5 seats had these been national Parliamentary elections • Important effect on other parties, who added AW policy to their programmes! • Party for the Animals became a watchdog party 4. Party for the Animals website, 2005 5. Political parties for the animals internationally • The Netherlands • Austria • France • Germany • Italy • Spain • Canada • Israel • Australia Details:, ‘Similar Initiatives’ 6. Dutch elections November 2006• 20 celebrities (authors, artists, tv presenters etc.) showed support bysigning on to the electoral list• Full-fledged campaign from Sept. ’06 – New website, Party for the Animals TV, e-campaigns• Huge media interest and predictions of 2-3 seats prior to elections• Results: 180,000 votes (nearly 2%) for the PvdD resulting in 2 out of150 seats in national parliament. Historic achievement! 7. Dutch provincial stateelections, March 2007• 9 representatives elected in 8 (out of 12) DutchProvincial States• Members of Provincial States elected the first Senatorfor the Party for the Animals in June 2007 8. Jasmijn de Boo 9. UK support for similar party • Around 3 million supporters of animal protection organisations • About 7% vegetarians • Free range & organic farming on the rise • Animal welfare education increasing • Strict animal protection legislation • Animal protection philosophies and strategies copied around the world 10. Animals Count launch 2006 • Established supporter group Oct 2006 • Developed outline manifesto • Set up website • Registered the party • Launched 3rd December during Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre • Huge media interest (BBC worldwide) 11. Celebrity supporters “The animals cant vote. Thats why we need a political party that stands up for them. And in the EU elections, thanks to proportional representation, small parties like Animals Count have a fair chance of winning a seat.” Dr. Brian May Twiggy Jeffrey MassonProf Robert Garner Benjamin Zephaniah Maria DainesDr Who?? 12. Raison dêtreBroad concern for animals is a mainstream priority, which is poorly reflected in the policies of most political parties 13. Political objectives• Within the UK, Animals Count aims to set the standard asthe political party advocating most strongly for animals,whilst also supporting other socially andenvironmentally responsible policies.• Through several mechanisms, we aim to elevate the statusof animal issues within politics:  We seek to demonstrate by example, that comprehensive, well- reasoned policies on animal issues are not only possible, but desirable, and can enhance the manifestos of political parties. 14.  We encourage the adoption of animal-friendly policies by otherparties (the potential to positively influence much larger partiesoffers the greatest potential benefits). We seek to demonstrate that voters care about animal issues, bydirectly contesting elections, particularly where proportionalrepresentation exists. We educate the electorate about the animal policies ofcandidates from other political parties. We cooperate with pro-animal parties/candidates. 15. Main policy objectives Phase out farming systems with poor welfareconsequences for animals. End long distance transportation of live animals. Establish a transparent, independent scientificinquiry to thoroughly review the ethical, scientificand economic implications of animal research. Banning all hunting, without loopholes. Establish a basic national animal health care system. 16. Companion animals Basic national animal healthcare system. Mandatory Responsible Animal Care Certificate: basicpreventativehealth care,nutrition,behaviour,socialisation, training and pet insurance. Non-compliancewould risk fines, that would be used to fund the system. Also mandatory: pet Identification & Registration, annualveterinary checkups, and neutering by sexual maturity orearlier, other than in special circumstances. 17.  Animal Protection Officer employed by each local council. Increased penalties for convicted animal abusers (with mandatorycompletion of a Responsible Animal Care course). Restriction/regulation of breeding, particularly of animals withhereditary characteristics contrary to good welfare. Regulation of pet stores. Restrict of exotic animals as pets. Crack down on dog fighting. 18. London Assembly Elections May 2008• End March 2008: decided to contest• Lambeth/Southwark constituency(£1,000 deposit)• Raised funds, printed & distributed10,000 leaflets on a shoestring budget• Media: local newspapers, BBC online• Kennington Park Party for the Animals 19. Results• 1,828 votes (1.12%)• More than Socialist Party (1,588; 0.97%)• Independent candidates typically received 100-700votes• Increased public profile/membership• Articles in Veterinary Practice, Veterinary Review• A seat near Parliament 20. European Parliamentary elections: 4 June 2009 th 21. European Parliamentary elections – voting systemClosed Party List System“Electors vote for a party in a multi-memberconstituency; each party receives seats in theconstituency in the same proportion as the votes it wonin that constituency. The parties determine the rankingof their list of candidates; the elector has no say as towhich candidates are elected as they simply vote for aparty.” 22. First main fundraising letter, November 2008 23. Winter 08/09Fundraising dinner 12/12/08 raising over£600Sponsored dog walk 08/02/09 raising over£400 24. Vegan 3 Peaks Challenge May ‘09 Raised £1300! 25. Total amount raised ±9000(includes regular donations/memberships) Total campaign expenses 9511.69 (excluding personal costs) 26. EU Election campaign lauch 18/04/09 27. Election results 07/06/09 (0.82%)Beating Libertas, the Jury Team and an Independent candidate  28. The future… 29. Thanks for your attention! Algunapregunta?


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