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WINNING social media and search engine marketing campaigns focused on government and public affairs programs for corporations, professional and trade associations, governmental entities, and non-profit causes and campaigns.


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  • 2. Apogee Campaigns
    Winning social media and search engine marketing campaigns focused on government and public affairs programs for corporations, professional and trade associations, governmental entities, and non-profits
    Proven techniques, powerful online tools and technologies, and a deep expertise in statistical evaluation to generate solid, measurable results at every stage of thesocial media and search engine marketingprocess
    High return on investment solutions for public affairs efforts and associated media, fundraising, and organizational challenges
  • 3. Background
    There is a high level of interest in utilizing social media, social networks, search engine marketing and SEO to enhance existing political and lobbying campaigns, grassroots organizational programs, and overall public affairs efforts.
    Apogee Campaigns uses proven methodologies in each of these areas which consistently achieve top search engine rankings for our clients on Google and other major search engines.
    Utilizing Apogees proven SEO strategies, in combination with cutting edge social media marketing programs, government affairs specialists and other public affairs professionals can achieve superior visibility, stay current on the latest social media technologies and trends and dramatically impact outcomes in the political and policy decision making.
  • 4. Business Model
    Apogee Campaigns packages existing Inc. 500 winner Apogee Results knowledge capital into politically savvy search and social media programs utilizing proven private sector strategies and tactics.
    Led by Bill Leake and Mike Chapman, Apogee Campaigns combines decades of public and private sector leadership, expertise, and proven methodologies with state of the art technologies.
    We are committed to keeping clients in any given legislative or policy arena to a limited number and to avoiding any conflicts-in-interest between clients.
    Apogee is an ideal partner for the public affairs firm that needs additional online technical expertise and as well for the social media or public relations firm that needs serious political expertise in an increasingly technical world.
  • 5. Campaign Management
    Comprehensive Search Engine and Social Media Advocacy campaign management will give your public affairs agenda a competitive advantage in todays highly technical communications environment.
    Apogee specialists will launch your campaign, manage it, and consistently monitor and measure its performance.
    Campaigns can be targeted by geography including States, Congressional Districts, State Senate Districts, State Representative Districts, Counties, Cities, Zip Codes based on the latest census and redistricting maps and data.
    Campaigns can be specific to elected decision makers, government programs, issues or causes.
  • 6. Service Offerings
    Online Advocacy Programs
    Online Reputation Management
    Listening Programs
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    SEO Campaign Management
    Mobile Search Marketing
    Paid Search Advertising
    Website Optimization and Conversion
    Ad Exchange Management
    Online Media Planning and Buying
    Social Media, Search Marketing & Training
    Online Fundraising
  • 7. Online Advocacy Programs
    Apogee will work with your public affairs initiatives to ensure that all appropriate online channels of communication are explored and utilized to further your objectives and to win.
    • Fully optimized email campaigns, blogger relations, consumer generated media, popular social networks, and all other online media channels are utilized to achieve desired results and maximum effectiveness.
    • 8. Holistic utilization of multi-dimensional media including the latest in social media technologies and search engine marketing strategies.


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