ED Magedson Injunction against harassment

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Employee John Unger alleges harassment for not paying money ED claims he is owed for The Pizza Hut case.


1. APACHE JUNCTION JUSTICE COURT, PREC T NO.7 575 N D,AHO POD STE 200 APACHE JHcr ON, AZ 852 9(480982 2921 C. (jEii._ Piaintff Date of Birth Eu) fviA Defendant Address City. State. Zip Code, Telephone PETITION FOR INJUNCTION AGAINST HARASSMENT MODIFIED Case Number NOTE: DO NOT FILL OUT YOUR ADDRESS AND/OR PHONE NUMBER BELOW IF YOU WANT THEM--KEPT PRIVATE 7 j I k LL'V t I - I c / , p'. 5 ( S - 1.... ... - LA f 3. Is there or has there been any court case or court order that nvolves similar conduct by you and/or the Defenoant? No 0 Yes: If known: date, name of court, facts of ease: '- - '- 4. if the Court does not grant your request today, without notice to the Defendant, what serious harm may occur: - i i- ' ~ * A r-t. .Jc 4 A r4 y t7-t-- 5 as this Court to orderthe Deiondai t not to 2or'mt an act of harassrrientagainst me a r d or sC n s ier-c1 e ow aid or agat n s: im y oroperty AND r he totiowing Order(s) (check, Htch orcels you. "an /' r dde any fees. Pie ask ' en r torn's ad tilt r1er ci ce a i. ouInp JLnd /Order the Defendant not to contact rlile' Iv , in person; V by phone: Jn writing; DESCRIPTIONOFDEFENEANT(PLEASEFIL.L OUT THEFOLLOWING TO THE_BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.) DAT 2 b n[ - I - vz, ft L1 H a arship to the Defendant is "- Hars -ent Jr o yes a series or a" s The act- r nu have occured witnir he pas year Jries the Defen.tr rias be en rLacera ed or out of saa 1 have been haras sed b -Lie Defendant as fohoNs be as sp-66".11 TT.'C CS POS .'e q ing the da a or approximate ac e for each actia Date(s) Des, cribewhathaopened '-___ ti- 2. Reason(s) vL --- _ r: __ ... -r - - C: DO NOT FILL OUTADDRESSES AND/OR PHONE NUMBERS BELOW IF YOU WANT THEM KEPT PR/VA TE I lid iouowuiq persons should be included within the protection of this Order for the f0flowing reasons: Name and Address if different than yours Relationship D.O.B fl(do noncludeyoursejf to you Name "r Adoress: Nerne:T; Address:: Name: .r.r 2-; Addtess-: Pt- / ---.. Name: Address: 6. Keep my address private. (Do not cneck this box if the Defendant kfl0w5 where you live) 7. Order the Defendant not to come on or near (LEAVE NEXT LINE BLANK IF BOX ABOVE IS CHECKED): Vjviy residence at: . '- p-.E.9 L--Li r- . My place of employment (Name and Address): Does the Defendant also work there? Yes No School (Name and Address): - VO.thej- address: V1C7 tL------ .LLI 8j7 .JLtt* 5 ----L() r;. I '4ily-cJnature Date Attorneys Signature Date VERI_FICATIO_N i-swear or affirm that the contents of this -Petition are true to the best of my knowledge.. aintiff or Third Party SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me 7 / Judicial OTHber/Jud.e! Clerk/Notary 3. Case No.3-.iJ.t)7-(,'V-002003ifl5 PACHE JUNCTION JUSTICE COURT, 575 N IDAHO RD #200, APACHE JUNCTION AZ 85219 (480)962-2921-PHONE (520)868-61 53-FAX JOHN UNOER J-1107-CV-0020031725 Court Ce N-I AZOI1OC3J INJUNCTION AGAINST Date of Birth Court No.. NCIC HARASSMENT EOr 1 ADGESO I)< 'I PU 0('our Defrc :n'f WARNING TO DEFENDANT This is an official Court Order. If you disobey this Order, you may also be arrested and prosecuted for the crime of interfering with judicial proceedings and any other crime you may have committed in disobeying this Order. NOTICE: Only the Court can change this Order. Nothing the Plaintiff does can stop, change s or undo this Order without the Court's approval. You must return to Court to modify (change) or quash (stop) this Order. This Order is effective for one year after original service on you and is valid nationwide. If you disagree with this Order, you may ask for a hearing by fiiing a writted request for hearing with the Court named above. This is not a custody or visitation order. You must file _separately for that in Superior Court, The CoUr't finds reasonable e c1once or harassment of the Plaintiff by the Defendant or that groat ar irrepar able han'i would reuftto the Planliff if the Injunction is not granted before the Defendant can be heard in oppcsrion, and that there are specific facts attesting o the efforts to give notice to the Defendant or that there are reasons why notice should not be giv en. , THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED that the Defendant: FCO 1 NOT THREATEN, ASSAULT PLAINTIF F OR TRESPASS: Name of the Otrier Protec:ed Part Date Of Birth J RelatVnies Aust 2002 - Awornateci njurction Aqa tHrasment. A.R. 4. DC NOT FILL OUT ADDRESSES AND/OR PHONE NUMBERS BELOW JP YOU WANT THEM KEPT PRIVATE The roowng persons snotjid be included within the protection of thiS Order for the foiJowing reasons: Name and Aocress r dfte.rent han yours Reiationship 0.0,6 Reason(s) (do not include, yourself) oou rN ame: - - - .- - - - a