Global Fitness Equipment Market by Type, User and Geography 2014-2020

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Global Fitness Equipment Market (Type, User and Geography) 2014-2020www.bigmarketresearch.comBig market research adds a new research report of "Global Fitness Equipment Market2014-2020". Fitness equipment comprise of all machines and monitoring devicesrequired for numerous physical exercises. Fitness exercises help in overall weightmanagement and in improving physical stamina along with developing muscularstrength. Moreover, physical exercises are also advised during certain medicaltreatments. The demand of fitness equipment is rising globally due to increasing healthawareness. The commonly observed fitness equipment commercially are treadmills, stairclimbers, weightlifting machines, stationary bicycles, etc.Read complete report here @ DescriptionAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaThe adoption of fitness equipment is majorly driven by the large number of obesepeople, especially in developed countries. The obese population segment, drives theusage of cardiovascular equipment for weight management. The increased awareness forhealth & fitness also drives the adoption of fitness equipment, especially favored byincreasing gym memberships and in-home equipment sales. The growth in urbanpopulation is a key driving factor for the adoption of fitness equipment. Initiatives suchas corporate wellness programs also contribute to the growth of the fitness equipmentmarket. A large scale resale of used fitness equipment, limits the growth opportunities inthis market. However, the rising demands from developing countries would ensure theoverall market growth.Feel free to get enquire about report @ DescriptionAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION1.1 Report Description1.2 Key market segments1.3 Key benefits1.4 Research methodology1.4.1 Secondary research1.4.2 Primary research1.4.3 Analyst tools and modelsCHAPTER 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY2.1 CXO perspectives2.2 Market beyond: What to expect by 20252.2.1 Base case scenario2.2.2 Optimistic case scenario2.2.3 Critical case scenarioTable of ContentsAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaCHAPTER 3 MARKET OVERVIEW3.1 Market definition and scope3.2 Key findings3.2.1 Top impacting factors3.2.2 Top winning strategies3.2.3 Top investment pockets3.3 Latest trends in the market3.4 Porters five forces analysisCHAPTER 4 GLOBAL FITNESS EQUIPMENT MARKET BY TYPE4.1 Cardiovascular training equipment4.1.1 Key market trends4.1.2 Competitive scenario4.1.3 Key growth factors & opportunities4.1.4 Treadmills4.1.5 Stationary cycles4.1.6 Wave machines4.1.7 Market size and forecastReport DescriptionAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaCHAPTER 5 GLOBAL FITNESS EQUIPMENT MARKET BY USERS5.1 Home/ individual usage5.1.1 Introduction5.1.2 Market size and forecast5.2 Health clubs/ Gyms5.2.1 Introduction5.2.2 Market size and forecastCHAPTER 6 GLOBAL FITNESS EQUIPMENT MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY6.1 North America6.2 Europe6.3 Asia Pacific6.4 Latin America, Middle East & Africa (LAMEA)CHAPTER 7 COMPANY PROFILESReport DescriptionAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaThe market is segmented into types of fitness equipment such as machines forcardiovascular training, strength training and other instruments for monitoring &tracking. The end user segment for the fitness equipment market comprise ofhome/individual, health clubs and other commercial organizations. A major commercialsegment for this market includes equipment procured by hotels, corporate wellnesscenters at enterprises, hospitals, etc. Geographically, the market is segmented acrossNorth America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, Middle East & Africa (LAMEA).In order to gain a competitive insight of the market, leading players are analyzed in thereport along with their key business strategies. The report covers an analysis of keyvendors such as Precor, Paramount, Cybex, Nautilus, ICON Health & Fitness Inc., FitnessEM, Johnson HealthTech, Impulse Health, Technogym, Brunswick Corp. and TorqueFitness LLC.Download report sample @ DescriptionAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaKEY BENEFITS The detailed analysis provides market intelligence with respect to types, users andgeographies to enable precise investment decisions for stakeholders Value chain analysis provides key inputs on the role of all key intermediaries in themarket which would help the stakeholders in devising appropriate strategies Porters five force analysis highlights the influence of suppliers & buyers and describesthe competitive scenario of the market, which would facilitate efficient businessplanning The analysis of most significant drivers, restraints and opportunities help tounderstand the overall market dynamicsReport DescriptionAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaMARKET SEGMENTATIONThe global fitness equipment market is segmented on the basis of type, user andgeography.MARKET BY TYPE Cardiovascular training equipment Strength training equipment Other equipment Activity monitors Body analyzersRequest for Discount @ DescriptionAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaMARKET BY USER Home/Individual User Health Clubs/Gym Other Commercial User Corporate offices Hospitals HotelsMARKET BY GEOGRAPHY North America (NA) Europe (EU) Asia-Pacific (APAC) Latin America, Middle-East and Africa (LAMEA)Report DescriptionAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaKEY PLAYERS Amer Sports Corporation Cybex International Inc. Nautilus Inc. ICON Health & Fitness Inc. Brunswick Corporation Impulse Health Tech Ltd. Technogym SpA Johnson Health Tech Co. Ltd. Paramount Fitness Corporation Fitness EM LLC Torque Fitness LLCReport DescriptionAcquired (Autoimmune) Hemolytic AnemiaFOR MORE DETAILSVisit us at : With Us:5933 NE Win Sivers Drive,#205, Portland, OR 97220United StatesTELEPHONE: +1 (855) 711-1555E-MAIL:


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