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PRESENTATION ON TATA “NANO” IN GUJARAT PRESENTED BY : HARSHIL SHAH-82 HINALI SHAH-83 KHELAN SHAH-84 RIKIN SHAH-86 BIJAL SHAH-88 Outline Introduction Of Tata Company The seeds of Dream The Nano Project Plant Of Tata Nano in Sanand Deal Of Tata Nano Cheers for Rajkot Auto parts Industry Anatomy Advantages of ‘The Wonder Car’ Challenges to Tata Nano Conclusion Flow Of Presentation 1)Harshil Shah Introduction The Seeds Of Dream 2) Hinali Shah About the NANO Project Plant Of Tata Nano 3) Khelan Shah Deal Of Tata Nano Cheers For Rajkot Industry 4) Rikin Shah Anatomy Advantages 5) Bijal Shah Challenges Conclusion INTRODUCTION OF TATA COMPANY Mr. Ratan tata is the chairman of the TATA company It is diversified in 90 companies like Tata steel, Tata salt, Tata chemicals, Tata motors, Titan, Tata Telecom etc… This company is serving INDIA for over 130 years This company continuously upgrades technology with tie ups & collaboration with global companies A DRIVE TOWARDS… PROSPERITY – “NANO” THE SEEDS OF DREAM The dream stared when Ratan Tata saw a family of four people (Husband, wife & two children) going on two-wheeler on heavy rain in highly risky conditions…But in India it’s a very common scene. Mr. Ratan Tata said, “I observed families riding on two-wheelers - the father driving the scooter, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife seated behind him holding a little baby. It led me to wonder for such a car which is safe & affordable to any middle class family.” The NANO Project Gujarat has hit a jackpot in the form of “NANO” after controversy in Singur In this controversy farmers of Singur opposed Tata company because they did not want to sell their land Mamta Banerjee also supported them & opposed for this project. So, Mr. Ratan Tata decided to divert project in Gujarat. Mr. Narendra Modi encouraged Gujarat for this project Mr. Modi wants Gujarat to shine on the global map Mr. Tata bought 1162 acres land for this grand project. With the help of this project there will be employment opportunities for 10,000 people (approx). Initially, Tata Motors will produce 2.5-3 lakh cars annually and expand up to 5 lakh cars per annum. Tata Nano Plant In Sanand The Tata Nano project location in Sanand boasts of close connectivity to National Highway-8 connecting Rajkot and Ahmedabad. The Nano site is also close to the proposed Dholera port, which is being set up as an industrial development project as part of the implementation of Delhi-Mumbai freight corridor. Deal Of Tata Nano A loan of Rs. 9750 Crore & that too at an amazingly soft at 0.1% simple rate of interest. Repayment of this loan @ 0.1% over 20 years. They got 100% exemption on electricity duty. The 1100 Crores’ Land comes highly subsidies without any stamp duty registration and transfer charges. The payment for land would be made in eight equal annual instalment at a compound interest of 8% p.a. Nano to bring cheer to Rajkot’s auto parts industry Rajkot has biggest automobile parts indutry so, Tata gave auto parts contract to Rajkot’s auto part industry Rajkot is a hub for the auto parts ancillary units and will be happy to supply parts to Tata There are 100 such units in Rajkot GIDC estate at Metoda with an annual turnover of Rs 1,500 crore. Out of these, the supply to Tata comes to Rs 200 crore per annum, and supports around 50 units in a major way Anatomy of “Nano Car” Price: 1.2 lakh onwards Engine: 624cc, twin-cylinder Gearbox: 4-speed manual Top Speed: 95-100kmph (Speculated) Length – 3100mm Width – 1500mm Height – 1600mm Wheelbase – 2230mm. Various colors of “The Wonder Car” NANO – “THE WONDER CAR” ADVANTAGES OF “THE WONDER CAR”: Nano will give more mileage in less petrol Many Automobile companies will get the benefit from this infrastructure Nano will create Job opportunity for the 10,000 people (approx) It’s like “DREAM COME TRUE” for middle class people It will help for the employment of Engineers, their skill development & creation of trained manpower It will also help to Shipping industries & Air-line industries The Prices of land near project area also go up in now-a-days Because of this wonder car there is also development of roads near Sanand It will also helps in development of Schools & Hospitals Tata had come to Gujarat not just to make money, but to contribute to the state development & public welfare Educational institutes see window to start new Automobile courses in Ahmedabad Tata’s are going to start An Auto academy & Driving school along with the Nano manufacturing Challenges to Tata Nano Political issues in Gujarat. Fuel price hikes is the most important challenge for Nano. Increase in material cost like steel and tires. Conclusion Nano really proved cheapest car of the industry Nano definitely helps to come true for middle man ‘s dream Some hidden minus points of nano are there, still It is beneficial to Gujarat as a state development. Brand Gujarat gets a big boosts internationally due to Nano Project.