So..what do you think about real estate agents who 'toot' their own horn?

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Are You Impressed By Real Estate Agents Tooting Their Own Horn?Is an agent who talks about your needs important?So you are saying that you love to hear all the self-promotion?Is an agent who asks questions about you and your needs important?Youre getting the point now!Im sorry, thatis not me.NOOK, so you do understand bragging doesnt sell your home?You are following the right pathNOYESNOYESYESNOYESNOYESCONCLUSION ONECONCLUSION TWODo you believe perception is always reality?I regret to tellyou its notI would be happy to refer you this agent.I feel you should call that agent.WHICHEVER PATH YOU TAKE, REPRESENTING YOUAND YOUR BIGGEST ASSET IS ALWAYS ABOUT YOU. HOW MAY I SERVE YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS?