Top 10 Summer Colours To Add Zing To Your Home

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Spring seems to be knocking on the door. Spring means vibrant colours and cheerful mixture of hues all around. It is the time to welcome spring breeze and a time to welcome everything fresh and new in your life. You may be shifting to a new house or may be looking for a new decor theme for your home. Bring in the flavour of new year with colours that reverberate with vibrant freshness. Right blend of colurful fabrics and furnishings is a way to enhance the spring celebration. You do not have to change the whole set of furniture to create a colourful ascent. Colours can highlight certain features and you can accentuate a freshness while retaining the same furniture as well.


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  • Summer means vibrant colours and a cheerful mixture of hues all around to welcome everything fresh and new in your life
  • Bring in the flavour of Summer into your home with colours that reverberate vibrancy & freshness
  • Heres 10 amazing Summer Colours that you can use to decorate your Home this Summer
  • Sunny Yellow! Using Yellow on Artwork & accent pillows are two simple ways to let the "sunshine" in to your room.
  • Sky Blue! You can use blue in healthy doses on furniture, drapery panels and large accessories to bring a quieting effect to a bedroom, sitting room or any space where you like to relax and unwind.
  • Using pink is the perfect choice for a girl's bedroom by highlighting different shades in a floral fabric and pairing it with purple only intensifies its playful appeal. Flirty Pink
  • Using Lime Green on the walls of your home and a hint of it on some dcor could add a element of zing to your room. Refreshing Lime
  • As one of the sea's most vibrant hues, coral is a standout shade no matter where you use it. Accessories are a natural fit for this accent colour, whether it's a pillow sham or a throw for the foot of the bed. Seaworthy Coral
  • Using Red in the room sets the tone for the rest of the home, it entices guests to want to see every room of your home. Blazing Red
  • Using the Navy blue colour can create a statement without overpowering a room. You can pair it with bold colours, such as red or pink, to create style-setting combos. Nautical Navy
  • Use white as a neutral backdrop, along with pieces of your favourite colours, or create a monochromatic design by enveloping the room in an all-white palette. Pure White
  • You can add orange or tangerine to pillows on a neutral couch or add furniture with painted side tables or a sideboard. Fresh Orange
  • Using the cool blue colour on upholstery pieces, curtain drapes and accessories ensures a soothing feeling in the room. Cool Blue
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