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Mosaic Student Communities offer all types of USC Student Housing: Apartments, Houses, Rooms and Shares. USC Housing giving students a variety of living options.


  • 1. Mosaic Student Communities Los Angeles, CA T: (323) 456-9616
  • 2. Viable accommodations for USC students in and out campus The University of Southern California has remained an illustrious educational institution serving as the dream school of numerous high school students. For college footballer fans and Trojan fanatics, this is probably the sole place where they are entitled to be. While USC is an exciting and great place to be; the housing there isnt cheap and thus it might be a lot difficult to find that perfect apartment to suit your requirements. Apartments nearby are rather expensive; specifically for fresh students. Thus if you are willing to stay USC housing off campus, then the probability that your housing expenses would hurt you are seemingly much higher. Let us go through the various USC student housing viable options. Most USC students prefer staying far away from the campus. Some may favor living in beach communities; some may prefer the hills while some may board themselves in the neighborhood area depending on rent. Popular neighborhoods include Culver City, Los Feliz, West Los Angeles, West/ North Hollywood and beach communities like Glendale, Pasadena, Alhambra, and Santa Monica. International scholars and students keen on living nearby the campus can consider availability of USC campus cruiser and USC trams in that vicinity.
  • 3. Several of these communities are within considerable driving distance of the university and the public transportation systems in Los Angeles come to the rescue of students. If you are searching for accommodations in lower ranges, then the least that you can avail for lies in between $800 and $1000. For studio apartments, you will be charged somewhere around $600 per month. On campus USC housing encompasses some wide variety of boarding options. If you are from incoming freshman class, then reserving your bed in the university campus is a lot easier. However, USC student housing facilities for graduate students and upperclassmen are available in bordering North University Park region. The accommodations are in form of residence halls, suites and apartments in various locations, styles and sizes. Amenities include faculty involvement, laundry facilities, local phone service, computerized monitoring entry system, free basic cable, furnished rooms and free individual Ethernet. All USC student housing applications get processed on the basis of first come, first serve. You can also find an entire bunch of rooms and apartments available for rent on 23rd street in blocks bordering USCs free tram. Thus, apartment houses arent the only practicable USC housing options; innumerable communal houses are built specifically for student rentals. You can occupy your own private bedroom from a huddle of others in a large house. If you dont disapprove of sharing with other students in the same house; then this can be the best alternative for USC housing off campus.
  • 4. These accommodations have been built purely for business purposes while creating a familiar and safe community for renters. Thus, as discussed above, there are numerous practicable options for finding housing accommodations near and far off USC. But the major concern that lies, is finding an apartment that is not only within reasonable distance of the campus, but also is well off affordable.