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What every real estate professional should know about what NOT to do on Pinterest! Pinterest is a killer social media tool for real estate agents that are looking to drive immediate traffic to their real estate websites, however many real estate agents are doing it all wrong and not gaining any traction! Learn more tips & tricks at http://www.pinnablerealestate.com Top 3 Blunders Real Estate Agents / REALTORS are making on Pinterest


  • 1. Top 3 REALTOR Blunders on Pinterest
  • 2. Dont Only Pin Your Listings!
  • 3. There are plenty of other places to post your listings Your followers and new followers arent following you based on your listings. They are following you based on your interests. You want to find followers with similar interests. Top Producer, Bill Gassett, says there are plenty of places to post listings where buyers will actually find them, Pinterest is about engagement.
  • 4. Dont Pin Photos of You & Your Team No one cares and no one will repin photos of you and your team. Your business website is the best place for these types of introductions! Pinterest is about engagement and connecting with followers with similar interests! Human photos on Pinterest receive far less pins than no human face included in a pin.
  • 5. IN ONE GLANCE at your TOP 2 rows of boards You want to give a Pinterest user an idea of: who you are what you do REMEMBER, Your Top 2 rows of boards are your PRIME REAL ESTATE IN PINTEREST
  • 6. Dont Pin Your Marketing Brochures Pin things that are pertinent to: Your interests real estate your community The goal is building your sphere!
  • 7. Resources Pinnable Real Estate Blog Pinterest Best Practices Webinar - offered every 2 weeks, fills up fast! Real Estate Boards for real estate agents - use the board idea boards - start pinning today
  • 8. Social Media (Pinterest) isnt going anywhere Pinterest is the fastest growing website EVER! Pinterest drives more traffic than Twitter 80% of all pins are re-pinned opposed to 1.4% of tweets that are retweeted Pinterest has a long lifespan - 50% of visits happen 3.5 months after a pin is pinned
  • 9. Benefits of Pinterest for You the Real Estate Agent 1. Drive traffic to your site immediately 2. Traffic brings google ranking - organic search results will be bolstered over time 3. Grow your sphere FAST