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PowerPoint PresentationOnward.Upward.ServicesA comprehensive suite of staffing solutions tailored to your specific needsThe Right Person in the Right SeatSuccess starts with having quality people in effective rolesSearching for and evaluating good candidates can take significant time away from your core business, decreasing productivity and profitabilityOur recruiters have the industry knowledge and network to quickly, effectively source the most qualified candidates for your needsOur services enable you to focus on what you do bestTemporary PlacementContingent staffing gives employers a cost-effective way to adjust staffing levels to meet seasonal demand or workload fluctuation-driven needs, while controlling fixed costsWe offer highly flexible staffing solutions to quickly adapt to your needs:Long or short term staffing options, depending on client/situational needsWe offer highly qualified staff who can quickly acclimate and become productive with minimal orientationOur goal is to always deliver on the promise that our solutions will meet or exceed your needs and achieve or surpass the goals you have setTemporary To HireOffers employers a convenient, cost-effective way to evaluate performance and productivity before converting employees to permanent statusThe temp-to-hire onboarding process:Identify qualified individuals who meet your criteria and submit them to you for approvalUpon approval, we place them on our payroll and assign them to work at your site for the agreed-upon termAt the end of the term, you may opt (but are not required) to convert the contractor to your payroll as a permanent employeeIf at any point you are not satisfied with the employee, you may request a replacementThis allows you to audition staff without a long-term commitment, converting only those who meet your expectations to permanent statusPermanent PlacementProvides recruitment and assessment services for employers who desire to have employees on their payroll from the beginningOur commitment is to find the most qualified and experienced person to fit your current needs, while matching your long-term commitment plans by offering:Extensive, wide-reaching recruitment through multiple physical and digital channelsThorough screening and assessment proceduresGuaranteed satisfactionOffshore W-2 Payroll ServicesTransferring Time and Risk.Payroll ServicesProvides recruitment, assessment, payroll, and contractor management services for employers who need rapid staffing solutions while gaining the hiring flexibility and risk management that third-party contracting providesOur commitment is to find the most qualified and experienced person to fit your current needs, while matching your long-term corporate cultural requirements by offering:Extensive, wide-reaching recruitment through multiple physical and digital channelsThorough screening and assessment proceduresGuaranteed satisfactionVisa ServicesOpening up your business to the global candidate market.Opening up the Global Candidate MarketThe international market offers a wealth of highly qualified, driven candidates However, the time and hassle associated with sponsoring work visas often deters companies from pursuing this valuable wealth of experienceOur contracting services take care of sponsoring and visa acquisition, giving your business effortless access to the highest quality candidates regardless of country of originGlobal Logistics SolutionsRapidly connecting talent with need across the globe.Getting the right person to the right placeOur advanced logistical infrastructure enables us to deploy our turnkey, ready-for-duty staffing solutions to any region of the world within 72 hoursWithin 24 hours in the USOur solutions enable your business to rapidly respond to market changes, business strategy shifts, and other unforeseen events, giving you the edge in a competitive environmentMarket ReachOur physical and digital networks give instant access to the global candidate pool.Unparalleled Access to the Candidate MarketOur focus is our physical networks based on our relationships with candidates However, We augment this with a highly visible, developed digital presence across the internet, including major job boards and social networks, with a total instant reach of over 100,000 individualsOur We combine these networks and strategies to offer you the largest possible pool of candidates to select from while maintaining high standards of quality through careful vetting of candidates, either in-person or over the phoneThe ProcessTime-Tested. Tailored. Trusted.OverviewOur experience and skill in recruiting highly qualified professionals enables us to fill positions promptly with the best available talent, saving you timeSourcingOur candidate network spans across physical networks and digital platforms, allowing us to reach a much larger candidate pool than simple searches affordCandidates are identified through a careful, methodical screening process for competency and fit before submittalScreening involves an initial phone interviewApplication, resume, and behavioral questions are utilized to ensure thorough vetting before moving forward to the interview stageInterviewThe personal interview allows us to build on the information previously obtained through the initial phone screenThis stage also provides us with crucial additional insight regarding:Applicant interviewing skillsPersonal motivations and career objectivesDetermining fit for the specific role, as well as for company culture overallReference ChecksWe conduct a minimum of two employment reference checks on all prospective new hiresClients may request additional screenings (background checks, drug testing, technical aptitude tests, etc.) during this phaseHireUpon satisfactory completion of screening and testing phases, we will act as the mediator during the hiring processWe will also discuss open positions and possible assignments, as well as review expectations for responsibilities, procedures, and performanceQuality AssuranceThe Core Group Resources comprehensive and detailed screening process is our high-standard assurance that only highly qualified applicants will be recommended for your review, saving you time and moneyOur ValueComprehensive staffing solutions throughout the recruitment process, saving you time, money, and risk; we give you the competitive edge.