3 Minds that have Changed Our World

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THE SCIENTIST:3 BRIGHT MINDS THAT HAVECHANGED OUR WORLDExploring the contributions and ideasthat shaped life as we know it.A Review by Beau Peellehttp://beaupeelle.net/A S h o c k i n g A l t e r n a t i v eNikola TeslaThis Croatian inventor was born in 1856, andhad a long passion for invention. He moved toAmerica in 1884, and later received funding forthe Tesla Electric light Company. His biggestcontribution was the development of thealternating current, a more efficient way oftransmitting electric currents.NicolausCopernicusBefore Copernicus came along, people believed that the Earth was thestationary center of the universe, and other celestial bodies revolvedaround it. But when Copernicus was working on improving thecalendar, he discovered otherwise. In "On the Revolutions of the CelestialSpheres", he argued that the planets- including Earth- rotate about theirown axes and revolve around the sun.MarieCurieThank her for your X - rayMarie Curie met her husband, Pierre, at the Sorbonne and married in 1895.Three years later, they discoveredplutonium and radium. Their researchmade them co-recipients of the NobelPrize in Physics in 1903. Curie was alsothe first woman to teach at theSorbonne, and won another NobelPrize in 1911, this time for chemistry.