Geopathic stress how earth energies affect our lives

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  • Geopathic Stress: How Earth Energies Affect Our Lives

    Jane Thurnell-Read

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  • Publisher : Element Books Ltd

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  • ISBN : 1852306963

    Author : Jane Thurnell-Read

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  • This highly readable book sheds new light on the fascinating but hitherto barely acknowledgedphenomena of Geopathic Stress (GS) - and, thanks to its clear and informative language andinstructive diagrams, makes it more readily understood by a wider audience. GS expert Jane Thurnell-Read explores the growing body of evidence, backed by her own experiences in the field of HealthKinesiology, that points to the 'skewing' of the Earth's natural magnetic field as a source of humanmalaise, stress and even extreme ill-health. The feeling that living or working in a particular house oroffice is 'bad for you' is shown to be a sound, even primeval, instinct. Chapters explain the nature ofGS and how its energies react with the body, and tackle how to detect it using dowsing andkinesiology (a way of testing muscles for energy stresses). Once detected, the solutions involve arange of holistic approaches based on Eastern concepts of yin and yang and Ch'i' energy flow. Self-help 'tips' include the strategic positioning of coils, mirrors and crystals.

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