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  • The Open Conspiracy: What Are We To Do With Our Lives?

    H. G. Wells

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  • This is a guidebook on world control and management, a program that Wells believed should beorchestrated (and would be successful) through what he called the "Open Conspiracy". Thisconspiracy is fully outlined in this work and is designed to be run by many separate organizationsworking together, as opposed to being run by just one group. Is this required reading for the world'smost powerful people? Maybe it is. Or maybe it should be. Wells was a visionary and genius whosework should be paid attention to. Chapters include The Idea of the Open Conspiracy, We Have toClear and Clean Up Our Minds, The Revolution in Education, Religion in the New World, WhatMankind Has to Do, Modern Forces Antagonistic to the Open Conspiracy, The Resistances of theLess Industrialized Peoples to the Drive of the Open Conspiracy, The Open Conspiracy Begins as aMovement of Discussion, Explanation and Propaganda, Development of the Activities of the OpenConspiracy, Human Life in the Coming World Community, and more.

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  • ISBN : 1585092754

    Author : H. G. Wells

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