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  • 1. BY Ashley
2. Step 1: • the Get a bowl then get scissors to open lettuce. • Poor the lettuce in the bowl. 3. Step 2:•Get the ingredients that you need for your salad then wash them all off. •Tomatoes •Cucumbers' •Cheese •Crotons •lettuce 4. Step 3 Cut up all the veggies into small pieces so they go every where get a knife then start cutting small pieces. -- 5. Step 4 Get the dressing you want out of the fridge then poor the dressing on Ranch Raspberry vinaigrette Or no dressing at all. 6. Step 5 • Poor all the dressing on the salad make sure some is every where or else the can be to much and it will be to strong. 7. Get a big spoon or use your hands to mix every thing together it shouldn’t be all the same vegies in one spot .Step 6 Step 6 8. STEP 7PPp Put only a little bit of crutons put ten on your salad and sprinkle a little cheese. Step7 9. THEN ENJOY THE YUMMY SALAD YOU HAVE MAID!!!!!!(: